Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Back

Hi Friends!

What a way to start a blog....write a couple of blogs and then go missing for about six weeks. This is why I need to get busy and write books instead of blogs!

Well I have been doing my own thing for the six weeks and managed to lose 12 pounds but I need to throw in that I also had that nasty cold flu as well! 12 pounds I will take however it comes of my friends got the throw up kinda flu and lost 10 pounds in 22 hours so if you are in the Richmond area and you have that please call me over to your house. Just kidding and don't worry about writing me telling me that isn't the way to lose your energy.

I am making a serious effort to start my work out routine this week before the big 2009 hits. I think if I can make it a routine while I am off this week then next week when regular life returns I won't be sooo depressed.

I need to start thinking about breaking it up into small goals but is so hard when you look in the mirror and realize there is so much work to be done. I looked at myself when I was getting dressed to go to the gym and it was like dear god what have I done to my body and then I went and sweated a gazillion beers out on the treadmill and then looked at myself again at the tanning bed (again save your energy and don't say shit to me about this) and why did I think I should be a goddess with one workout.

My partner in alligator crime CLP has thrown her scale out and I am really considering doing that as well for 2009. I do great and am so motivated as long as the weight is coming off and you let me have a bad day on the scale and bam...that chicken nugget ends up in my here is to you alligator molester...I will try it your way for a bit.

Gigi wasn't at the gym today thank god but the manager was and she was very happy to see me! Thank god I loaded the new ipod up last night with fun songs or else it would've really sucked!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is getting excited about their New Year's Eve festivities...I will be drinking a keg of millerlitas!!!!!!