Monday, April 26, 2010

I've been MIA

Hola Peeps!

I've been bad about blogging but I have been doing Bootsie. Giggles McGhee confessed the other night she doesn't like the name Bootsie...she prefers Boot Camp. I really don't care either way.

I do like this Bootsie group. I do miss those from last class that aren't with us but my girl Donna is with me and that is all that matters. Three Stooges are in full effect as usual. Rusty is meaner than ever. He was more like Bob with his first class and now he is just straight up Jillian the majority of the time which is what I need.

We did a class that I really liked the other night, strength circuit. Lots of free weight work and push ups. I think push ups have made a difference in my arms so I will do them without bitching.

Life is great outside of Bootsie. There is a boy in the picture and he is very supportive of me being healthy. The other night he said "what are your goals for this boot camp?" I hadn't even thought about goals. I just focus on living through the next class. I guess it is time to get with my Jillian and discuss what I should be focusing on as a goal.

Hope all is well!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Bootsie began last night and as you can see by the previous post I was dreading it but it was fine. It was a little different because some of the peeps from the past class weren't there but we had new ones that I am sure I will bond with while inducing pain on my body.

So I was dreading it and I walked in and all of the sudden got so excited to see Molly and Rusty. Remember the first day back to school when you were little you were uncertain about things but the minute you saw a friend or found your classroom you were fine...that was me last night. RedHead almost needed CPR because during introductions I said "Hi, I'm Robin and this is my second boot camp and I love it." It just popped out of my mouth and Red almost fell off his stability ball. It is a love/hate thing but clearly I do believe it is the best thing for me.

So the veterans (why do I feel like I am part of the MTV Road Rules Challenge) decided to keep our fitness and measurements and we went on a 2.5 mile walk. It was such nice weather and BCMama kept us entertained the whole time. Later at my house we threw out the question of whether we could hire her as a private walker/runner because she makes the time fly by but here is the best thing.....I felt amazing after wards. I had missed it because in Cancun all I did was walk to the pool or beach....I did swim up to the bar for refreshers.

I was really dreading Bootsie because I knew I would have to weigh and while I was pretty good in Cancun with food I was a nightmare with drinking. All inclusive and making friends with everybody was a train wreck for me but get we get back from our walk and we have to get body fat and weigh....vomit. I get on the scale and I lost 2.3 while I was in Cancun so I scream to RedHead "oh my god I lost 2.3 while in Cancun. I will drink everyday." Rusty, who was writing all my numbers down and was leaning down sounded like Satan "you will do no such thing." Poor Rusty has his hands full with the 3 Amigos!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bootsie starts tonight!

This is a conversation with me and Dawn a few moments ago. I love Bootsie but after a few days on my own I am over being fit and just want to drink everything since the weather is so nice.

i am dreading class

i want to be skinny and drink everything


me too. any idea how we make that happen?


who knows


i'm pretty sure i'll never be skinny but i am also confident that i can drink everything:-)


i love that quote

Thank God I return back to Rusty tonight at 6pm. Life will suck and he will punish me I am sure because he hasn't tortured me in 10 days but oh well. Seriously if I didn't have a trainer and hadn't paid for Bootsie I would be on a patio or pool right now with a cooler full of beer. I know me...I do a program and I do great and then I go back to old ways. I wonder if I will always have to have a trainer???????

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rusty's Email

I hope you don't mind I am sharing this but I just want everything documented about boot camp so when we're asked to go on Oprah to talk about my transformation it is all here!


Just wanted to say I am inspired by how far you've come. I'm sending this email because I don't want you to think what you have accomplished is anything short of remarkable. The first day we did testing you couldn't even do a prone plank on your knees for over 10 seconds. Now you're doing them on your feet for close to a minute. You doubled your pushups, and I think you quit early! You averaged almost 1 squat per second for an entire minute!!

As far as the weight is just a number. Everyone gets caught up with pounds lost because of shows like Biggest Loser. But lets think about what you did. When you factor in your muscle weight gained you lost over 1 pound a week consistently for the entire challenge. One to two pounds a week is the way you make it work, it becomes your LIFESTYLE not a fad diet.

And then think about all the other positive things that have come out of the last 12 weeks. You're blood pressure is lower than it has been in years, you have more strength than ever before, you have lost over 11 inches (I especially see the difference in your face/neck, wish we measured that), and your frickin about to run a 10k!!!!

Good job rockin Robin

Christmas Morning

I always have a moment on Christmas morning where I am so sad that the hoopla is over. June Cleaver said I've done this ever since I was a little girl. You've shopped for the perfect gift, you've decorated, cooked and you get so excited for the day and then it is over within a second it seems like and I am feeling that way about boot camp tonight.

January 6th I started this boot camp a freaking hot mess. I had partied like a rock star up until the very last second and walked into that gym not having a clue what I was going to do for the next 12 weeks. I was nervous but excited. Instantly, I was excited to start because I met two returnees and heard what they had done so I couldn't wait for it to be over so I could have my "own" story from boot camp.

Driving to the gym tonight I was once again a hot mess but I was jamming out to old school and was so pumped up. I was wondering what the scales would say but told myself I wasn't going to get upset because I have made a tremendous difference in my lifestyle and I feel awesome and to me that is the most important thing. My doctor is happy, my blood pressure is normal for the first time in years, my friends and family see a difference and I have already paid for the second boot camp which has been named "Bootsie" by Alligator Molester in Charlotte, who got me started searching for a boot camp. Chaney, I always be grateful to you for making me want this...I thank you and I am so glad we're friends.

We had the option to weigh in/fitness test tonight or Monday night. I was the first one there and so we began right away. I think Rusty was a little nervous as well because he knew I wanted some serious results. We did measurements first and I have lost 11.5 inches. One inch is from my upper arm. He said that is huge achievement. My biggest area was my hips. 3.5 off of those bad boys. We then did the weight and of course every girl wants huge numbers but I was proud and then the boomer came....Fitness test. This is when Ralph decided to show up and I was like great I get to do fitness with the Rock Star of our group. I rocked it hard core. We got tested when we first came and then tonight. Squats: Jan-39 March-57, Push ups: Jan-12 March 24 (There is no way I did 12 in Jan) Prone Plank Jan-10 sec March 32 sec (Jan was more like 2 sec), Right Side Plank Jan-35 sec March 1:13, Left side plank Jan-60 sec March 1:39.

The Christmas morning feeling kicked in the minute I walked out the door of the gym. I am so glad the other two stooges weren't with me because I probably would've cried and then RedHead would've called me ridiculous and pissed me off and ruined it. I am just pretty proud of what we've done and decided to be healthy. The minute I got in my car I analyzed my numbers and started setting goals for what I want to accomplish in Bootsie. Of course I can set huge unachievable goals so I will do this with Rusty on Monday at the next personal training session. I am ready for April 7th to get here. It took me a while to get settled in Boot Camp and then Tina was added into the mix with the nutrition and I was a mess there for a bit but with the personal training I feel like I am right in the groove and I will go play in Cancun and then come back ready for Bootsie!

Tomorrow is the 10k and it is the last thing...I knocked out rock climbing, I knocked out fitness testing tonight so I have no other choice but to rock out on the 10k!

Rock On!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Emotionary is a word that one of my friends made up and we use it from time to time when we're moved by something or if we're getting emotional over something that you feel cheesy about...I am sure Webster's wouldn't take that definition but who cares I am in charge.

I am in the final week of boot camp and I am starting to get emotionary. Last night we had field day that was anything but the field day I thought it was going to be. I didn't expect to have Popsicles and the trash they gave us in elementary school but I didn't expect to be on the Amazing Race park version either but I survived and looking back probably enjoyed it. We had 6 stations and had to run to each of them and do what the envelope said and then on to the next station. We had to find combat men at one of our stations and bring them home. So here I am in the park with a hand full of combat men trying to get to the next station and this gorgeous guy runs past me and just looked at me like WTF. I am pretty sure it looked like I had escaped from the pysch ward!

This morning I had another personal training session and I was so dreading it but once we got started I was fine. I truly regret not doing this earlier in boot camp. He focuses on my form and he knows I hate certain things so he comes up with new exercises and tricks me into doing what I hate but I don't figure out he has tricked me until it is almost over. Try skipping one stair while going up a set of stairs, go back down and then try walking up skipping two stairs. BossLady told me last fall that I would love having a personal trainer. I had one before but not like this that I really enjoyed working out with....remember "AFB" friends? I already scheduled another session for Monday. I did it before the back and knee pain kicked into gear. I texted him back "thanks for everything you've done" and he texted back "thank yourself for what you've done and how far you've come. so proud of you."

Dawn and I were talking about our group this morning and how it is almost over and it did make me emotionary. Our class is amazing and just has really neat personalities. There is no way I could do Biggest Loser even though I think Rusty is a cross between Bob and Jillian but if I had to vote somebody off I would be in hysterics. I probably would've gotten voted off last night for my temper tantrum when I realized it was Amazing Race and not the crab walk relay races.

I could care less what the scales say on Friday night. I am excited to see what the inches are and how long I do hold the plank but regardless I am pretty proud of us. We've not been perfect at all but we're not on the verge of AA, my blood pressure is normal and our eating habits have changed but more importantly we're physically active and like Dawn and I were talking about this morning we feel the best we've felt in years.

Last week I had the annual dreaded Dr. visit and she was asking why my weight was down (she couldn't say how much because remember I am not finding out until Friday) and she wanted to know what was up and I told her. She was already familiar with Endorphin Fitness but not the boot camp aspect and she was blown away. She is a huge runner and I told her I hated it with a passion but I am trying it out and she looked at me dead in the eye and said "Robin, you've got a lifetime to learn to love it and at one point you will fall in love with but you've won. You've won the battle in your mind and body to get healthy and do this and it is a battle people lose every day and because of that you now have a lifetime to learn to love it." She was so happy and proud of me that day that I didn't have the heart to tell her I am pretty sure love and running will never come out of my mouth in the same sentence but I've learned in my life never say never and once I get this down I will be up for the next challenge.

More to come this week...tomorrow is rock climbing 2.

Monday, March 22, 2010

50 Days

soda free! I so miss you Coke Zero and I think about you a couple of times during the week but we have to remain broken up.