Thursday, April 8, 2010


Bootsie began last night and as you can see by the previous post I was dreading it but it was fine. It was a little different because some of the peeps from the past class weren't there but we had new ones that I am sure I will bond with while inducing pain on my body.

So I was dreading it and I walked in and all of the sudden got so excited to see Molly and Rusty. Remember the first day back to school when you were little you were uncertain about things but the minute you saw a friend or found your classroom you were fine...that was me last night. RedHead almost needed CPR because during introductions I said "Hi, I'm Robin and this is my second boot camp and I love it." It just popped out of my mouth and Red almost fell off his stability ball. It is a love/hate thing but clearly I do believe it is the best thing for me.

So the veterans (why do I feel like I am part of the MTV Road Rules Challenge) decided to keep our fitness and measurements and we went on a 2.5 mile walk. It was such nice weather and BCMama kept us entertained the whole time. Later at my house we threw out the question of whether we could hire her as a private walker/runner because she makes the time fly by but here is the best thing.....I felt amazing after wards. I had missed it because in Cancun all I did was walk to the pool or beach....I did swim up to the bar for refreshers.

I was really dreading Bootsie because I knew I would have to weigh and while I was pretty good in Cancun with food I was a nightmare with drinking. All inclusive and making friends with everybody was a train wreck for me but get we get back from our walk and we have to get body fat and weigh....vomit. I get on the scale and I lost 2.3 while I was in Cancun so I scream to RedHead "oh my god I lost 2.3 while in Cancun. I will drink everyday." Rusty, who was writing all my numbers down and was leaning down sounded like Satan "you will do no such thing." Poor Rusty has his hands full with the 3 Amigos!

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