Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bootsie starts tonight!

This is a conversation with me and Dawn a few moments ago. I love Bootsie but after a few days on my own I am over being fit and just want to drink everything since the weather is so nice.

i am dreading class

i want to be skinny and drink everything


me too. any idea how we make that happen?


who knows


i'm pretty sure i'll never be skinny but i am also confident that i can drink everything:-)


i love that quote

Thank God I return back to Rusty tonight at 6pm. Life will suck and he will punish me I am sure because he hasn't tortured me in 10 days but oh well. Seriously if I didn't have a trainer and hadn't paid for Bootsie I would be on a patio or pool right now with a cooler full of beer. I know me...I do a program and I do great and then I go back to old ways. I wonder if I will always have to have a trainer???????


Dawn said...

For the record:
Yes, I did say the comments in the blog but I also discussed being excited about bootcamp starting! My week away has not been perfect (my food choices were just okay and I have been exercising but not as much as normal) but honestly I could have been far worse! Lets go bootcamp, lets go!!!!

Rusty Linville said...

I'm excited to see you ladies back in here. Robin, we need to catch up so can you stay after class for a little while? I want to here about your trip and how good you were