Monday, March 30, 2009

I won against the treadmill tonight!

so i couldn't get out of bed this morning to get my workout in before work. i did the 10k and did good in it but still wasn't feeling like the future fit girl that i had been feeling like for a bit....maybe because my awesome friends and i celebrated at shamrock the block with yummy beers! i've gotten slack in my eating but still remaining good in my workouts. i vowed that on monday i would be better about it.

i had a hair appointment today and the minute i walked in my stylist said "are you trying to shrink before my eyes?" she must have known i needed that comment because my response was "i feel like a fat heifer." she informed me that I had cut out too much fat in my diet because it was showing in my hair. i have to make sure i take my vitamins and try to track how much fat I have in my diet. i think this is a first for me....never have i been told that I needed to add more fat to my diet. i haven't had avocados for a while so tomorrow they will be added back to my grocery list.

well tonight i ventured to the gym and i did my arm weights and got through them fine and then I got on the treadmill. i wasn't sore from the 10k but the thought of doing an hour made me want to vomit. i could barely get through 26 minutes without day dreaming of stopping at 30 minutes. i made it to 30 and i kept remembering my friends on the biggest loser. they wanted to quit the 24 hour bike ride and they didn't. they said the reason they hadn't been successful before in their weight loss is because they were quitters and that has really stuck with me on my journey to being a future fit girl. I won the battle tonight against the treadmill tonight because I stayed on it for 60 minutes!!!! Wooohoooo I rock!

Monday, March 23, 2009

20 Tips I am stealing from Yahoo!

Some of them suck and some of them rock! Will write a personal blog in a bit....

1. Always eat dessert. Yes, always. "A small amount can signal that the meal is over," says Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., author of The Volumetrics Eating Plan. She ends her meals with a piece of quality chocolate and she's a doctor.

2. Get help from a paper napkin. You can use it to blot a teaspoon of fat off a pizza slice. That may not sound like a lot, but multiply it by a slice a week, and that's more than a whole cup of fat you won't eat or wear this year.

3. Take the beltway. When junk food beckons, tighten your belt a notch. Not so you can't breathe, but so you have a gentle reminder of the size you'd like to be. "The scale isn't the only measure of weight," says Roberta Anding, R.D., a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

4. Go public. Enlist the help of friends, family, and coworkers and know they're watching. "The power of embarrassment is greater than willpower," says Stephen Gullo, Ph.D., author of The Thin Commandments.

5. Milk it for all it's worth. Consuming 1,800 milligrams of calcium a day could block the absorption of about 80 calories, according to a recent University of Tennessee study. Jump-start your calcium intake by filling your coffee mug with skim or 1 percent milk, drinking it down to the level you want in your coffee, then pouring in your caffeine fix. That's 300 mg down, 1,500 to go.

6. Scrape by. Always order your bagel or burger with a plastic knife. Use it to scrape off the excess cream cheese and mayo. You could shave off as many as half the calories.

7. Spice things up. Capsaicin, the substance that puts the hot in hot pepper, temporarily boosts your metabolism. Just make sure you're drinking a yogurt lassi with that searing-hot chicken vindaloo. Dairy blocks capsaicin's sweat-inducing signals better than water.

8. Case the organic section. That's where you're likely to find bread and cereal with fiber counts that put the conventional choices to shame. Thought you were doing well with your 3-grams-per-serving Cheerios? Nature's Path Slim blows it away with 10 g. (And it really doesn't taste like a shredded shoebox.)

9. Increase your a-peel.
Speaking of fiber, a lot of it's in the peel, whether it's potatoes, apples, or pears. Even oranges don't eat the whole peel, but keep the pith, that white stringy stuff; it's packed with flavonoids. More nutrients, more fiber, less labor. It's a win-win-win.

10. Spend lavishly on precut vegetables at the supermarket. Sure, they cost more, but you're more likely to eat them. "Make low-energy snacks as easy as possible," Dr. Rolls says. "Keep vegetables as near to hand as you can. Make it so you have no excuse."

11. Upgrade your restaurant selection. Pick a place where you'll actually want to linger. "When the meals are not hurried, the presentation is beautiful and the portions are reasonable so you can regulate your attitude," Anding says. That means your body not the empty plate will tell you when to stop.

12. Eat a snack at 3 p.m., no matter what. "Have a 150-calorie snack [now], and it can save you 400 calories later," Anding says. An ounce of nuts or two sticks of string cheese weigh in at about 170 calories.

13. Drink with your dominant hand. If you're circulating at a party, Dr. Rolls suggests keeping your glass in the hand you eat with. If you're drinking with it, you can't eat with it, can you?

14. Plate it. Whatever it is, don't eat it out of the container and don't bring the container to the couch. "Part of satiety is visual," Anding says. "Your brain actually has to see the food on the plate, and when you reach into the jar, or the box, or the bag, you don't see it." If it's worth eating, put it on a plate. Eat what's there, then stop.

15. Send back the bread. All it takes is a wave of the hand, a smile, and a "No, thank you."

16. Start with salad. It's the holy grail of dieting eat less by eating more. Dr. Rolls's research has found that eating a salad as a first course decreased total lunch calories by 12 percent. Avoid the croutons and creamy dressings, which have the opposite effect.

17. Go out for ice cream. Or an eclair. Or even guacamole and chips. Just go out. Don't keep your danger foods in the house. You can't eat half of a carton of ice cream that's not there in the first place.

18. Give yourself a hand. Find a way other than food to work off your nervous energy. "It's behavior modification," Anding says. "Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, you pick up your knitting. Art works, woodworking works anything that occupies your hands."

19. Wait a minute. Well, 10 minutes. When your mind strays from your desk to the vending machine, it could be hunger or it could be boredom or irritation with your boss. If you're still thinking about snacking 10 minutes later, then you're probably hungry. Think of it as a chance to have one of the nine servings of fruits and vegetables you need each day.

20. Go wild once in a while. Deprivation won't make you thin or happy. Designate a meal or two a week when you can eat absolutely anything you want.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is what I ate after lunch today and it was truly delightful. A group of colleagues had lunch and the dessert menu was passed around and debated but then thought "what the hell" and it was well worth it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Que the Rocky Theme Song

because I am the CHAMPION!!!!!!! No ice cream and no rolls at the restaurant. I rock and I am so proud of myself! I am watching Biggest Loser and they're running half marathons and I feel like one of them. I might get emotionary (shout out to you WildOne) because not only did I eat sooo good on a day with plenty of pot holes I am at home and sober on St. Patty's Day! Rockstar!!!!!!!

The picture is of the hot rolls that were put right in front of me at the restaurant tonight. I sure did pull my camera out and took a picture of it to show you guys just how hard my temptation was tonight! Imagine if you could smell them coming out of the oven.....

I am the Bomb!!!!!!!!!!


Just a quick note to let you all know that I freaking rock. I have the President with me all day today and we've been doing pizza parties for our Jeans and Greens day in my home base county. I bought 35 pizzas today and didn't eat a SINGLE piece of pizza and my work husband brought Easter chocolates and I didn't eat a one.

I am soooooooooooo freaking pumped and proud of myself until I remember that I got up at 5:30am to work out because I thought I was going to eat pizza and only changed my mind because Madame President said "I have to bring my lunch because I am doing Jenny Craig and I can't have pizza" and I immediately thought if she is going to be around 35 pizzas and not eat a single piece then I will do the same and be strong. We came back after school visits and went to get a salad.

We have an afternoon date at another school for an ice cream social and I am hoping I can maintain this rockstar attitude? Then we have a district dinner where they have the best rolls ever.....I will do a blog tonight to update you!

Off to the ice cream social!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quote for You

Since I've been MIA for a few days here is a quote to make up for me being a slacker!

"Everyone gets scared before they try something new. By everyone I mean me, and I’m certain you are all exactly like me. But I do hear this from other people: They are scared to come to a class, scared to try a new activity, scared of me and my crazy talk, but odds are only one of those is really going to do lasting damage. Scared is a feeling, not a mandate. Be scared, try it anyway, yeah yeah. No one wants to look like a fool or take a risk, but odds are, most people are so absorbed in what they are doing, they won’t even see you, and besides, they probably feel the same way, so let’s all get huggy and be done with it."

Five things I learned as a trainer - the always brilliant Kelly,

Oprah to the Rescue

This week has been crazy and it isn't even Thursday yet. I should've known the week would be crazy when Sunday night was dominated with dealing with the recent break ins that are going on in my adorable little neighborhood. Monday was spent dealing with the most bizarre meeting I've been to in the last few years with my job. It was frustrating but I was looking forward to my decorator coming over with print samples for my window treatments. Well Neighbor ended up coming over to help pick out the prints and the next thing you know 2 bottles of wine are gone and we need food so Papa is called. Tuesday was spent dealing with a creepy alarm salesman and realizing I needed to go on a budget if I wanted to enjoy Aruba due to the home improvements that I wanted and didn't want. The day got worse when I opened up an email that Neighbor had sent with the clip of the news that talked about our break ins. Usually I love to be the center of attention but when the headline is "Burglars Target Single Women" and the sub title is "Break Ins on Silverbush Drive" I thought I was going to hyperventilate. I will admit I am extremely embarassed that my friends have been calling and telling me that they saw my house on the news. Luckily I got to the gym to try to get my head cleared out before I went to the meeting that was never ending. I missed a good friend's birthday party due to the meeting but is it bad I am not sad that I didn't miss the drinking and eating yummy food? I felt extremely guilty about calling Papa to the rescue on Monday. Today has been much improved with the weather being beautiful and feeling better with the alarm and the budget.....and here is where today's post got the title Oprah to the Rescue......I should've warned you I was going to ramble quite a bit.

I've been worried with being on a budget that I wouldn't be able to eat as healthy as I've been eating. It is so much cheaper to eat a box of macroni and cheese instead of making a salad, grilled chicken breast and fruit. I've literally been stressing about this and then I came home after a great workout at the gym (I burned 687 calories on the treadmill) and had my dinner and hit DVR and there was Oprah with Tyler Florence (secret crush developed tonight) and another hot Chef and Cat Cora teaching families how to cook healthy meals for $5-7 a meal for a family of four so that will feed me all week....well part of it. All of the recipes are at and I will be whipping some of them up so I will keep you posted on how they are and if you have ways to be healthy and save on your budget shoot me an email and let me know!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is reality?

So another shipment came in today and after the day I've had I should've known not to try them on but I did and guess what....they're all too big. So since Monday I've either gotten tapeworms, lost 5 inches from my waist or I suffer severe bloating when I am PMS'ing.

I am not upset about having to figure out how to return the clothes but I am quite confused with what is going on with the body. I need to figure it out soon because if you go back to my last post I had blown it out with cheesecake, ice cream, fries and the best of all.....loaded back potato and the last thing I need is for me to realize I can eat this and instantly drop 5 inches.

I admit I've been burning my booty up at the gym but seriously....I am not sure this much. I was due last Friday for my measurements and weight but I had put it off because there was one week where I went slack and didn't make it to the gym so I was giving myself an extra week to make up for it. I guess the real thing is tomorrow when I am getting ready for work I will try on the pink dress and see if there is change there. Who knows....quite confused but never before have I been so perplexed about clothes being too big!

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO for the warm weather this weekend. I am so excited to get out and enjoy it. Neighbor and I are planning on doing a practice monument 10k this weekend! I am sure it will be a traffic jam with everybody thinking the exact same thing....the more the merrier!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Reality Bites!

Well I had a dose of reality this afternoon when I tried on my latest shipment of Aruba bound clothes. I knew that I had gotten a little crazy this weekend with some of the food I ate while working all weekend. I had a bowl of ice cream with a piece of cheesecake and was grossing myself out even while eating it but everybody else was having dessert so I thought it was justified. It didn't stop on the way home yesterday because I had french fries from McD's and they were truly delightful. I didn't stop at dinner either because I had a loaded baked potato and that was wonderful.

I am back on track today and even shoveled more snow that necessary since I knew I couldn't get to the gym. I am already feeling it in my arms and upper back. I didn't even buy any bad things at the grocery store when I walked there today. Why do I associate good comfort food when the weather is bad?

Reality sunk in when I went upstairs to shower after shoveling snow. I decided to try on the latest purchases that had arrived from my online retail therapy session the other day. It was a cute little sundress that I had purchased for Aruba. You know how you buy something and you imagine how sexy and hot you will look in it and then you try it on and you are like "WTF was I thinking?" Well that happened to me. My upper stomach made it bunch all up and all I could focus on was that....I immediately dropped and did crunches. The vision of me in the hot pink dress will be enough motivation to make me walk to the gym tomorrow if I can't get there by car.

I am pretty sad that I had picked up a great bottle of wine to go with my fish tonight and I think I am saving it for another time.....the dress is more important!