Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is reality?

So another shipment came in today and after the day I've had I should've known not to try them on but I did and guess what....they're all too big. So since Monday I've either gotten tapeworms, lost 5 inches from my waist or I suffer severe bloating when I am PMS'ing.

I am not upset about having to figure out how to return the clothes but I am quite confused with what is going on with the body. I need to figure it out soon because if you go back to my last post I had blown it out with cheesecake, ice cream, fries and the best of all.....loaded back potato and the last thing I need is for me to realize I can eat this and instantly drop 5 inches.

I admit I've been burning my booty up at the gym but seriously....I am not sure this much. I was due last Friday for my measurements and weight but I had put it off because there was one week where I went slack and didn't make it to the gym so I was giving myself an extra week to make up for it. I guess the real thing is tomorrow when I am getting ready for work I will try on the pink dress and see if there is change there. Who knows....quite confused but never before have I been so perplexed about clothes being too big!

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO for the warm weather this weekend. I am so excited to get out and enjoy it. Neighbor and I are planning on doing a practice monument 10k this weekend! I am sure it will be a traffic jam with everybody thinking the exact same thing....the more the merrier!!!

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Steelers Wine Girl said...

You're going to be in Aruba so soon! I bet the pink dress looks fabulous and I know you'll have an amazing time! I know your hard work has paid off!!!