Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Alligator Molester!

She always keeps me in check....and is the reason I started the blog. She got me on the band wagon with being a Future Fit Girl. I wish I could be there to celebrate but I have boot camp tonight...another thing you got me started on....I will call you guys if I survive butts and guts!

Happy Birthday Alligator Molester....Love you!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Update

we survived last night's boot camp. I've been thinking of what all I want to say about it since the drive home last night and as soon I get it all together I will write a blog. It was physically and mentally hard. More to come on that.

Dawn has also signed on to do boot camp again that starts April 7th so the 3 Stooges have officially committed to 24 weeks of boot camp. Keep in mind that April is usually when we fire up the grill and drink on my deck...April 7th-June 24th is probably my favorite time of year besides Hokie football season so this will be a challenge all in itself.

I can't imagine not having the good friends that I do to go through this with and I am very thankful for them. A lot of times being able to talk about how things are going, encouraging each other or just being able to laugh (Giggles McGee) but more importantly....knowing you aren't alone in this process is what helps me the most. Love you guys and we rock!

Look for a post about last night tonight...I have to go do a report for work!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm alive

just busy with work. I had to work on Saturday and it blew goats. I've been decent not the best...I had skittles and they were delightful!

RedHead has agreed to do bootcamp2 with me!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lunch Battle

A table full of desserts and Future Fit Girl didn't have a single one......Rusty this has to count for something!

Staff Meeting Update

Remember today is my staff meeting and we're actually talking about blogging and how to communicate with our members so I am practicing the techniques that I am learning. My association loves to eat. Break time, lunch, break time, happy hour and I've decided I am going to say hell no! I climbed a rock wall last night and I can say no to the reese's pieces that are calling my name.

I was barely awake when I was leaving for my meeting before staff meeting but I thought to put some snacks in my bag. I have some clementines, 100 Calorie Trader Joe's chocolate bars and 90 calorie fiber one bars that have become my new favorite treat.

Here is what I am fighting the urge to eat and it is only 11:22.....I would say I would reward myself with a treat but there are talks of booking a trip next week to celebrate the end of boot camp the day after we do the 10k and before our boot camp starts up again April 7th. That's right Future Fit Girl is doing it again....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Belay On

My arms hurt already and I can feel it all over my body but I did it. I was so worried I wouldn't even get off the ground and I went close to the top on my last one. The goal we set for me was to get to the top the next time. I've got to work on getting that close and just pushing it out without quitting. Your arms, legs and entire body get tired and you just start shaking and some random stranger is holding you on the ground and you start thinking oh crap I could fall.

I have already decided I will go again before it is time to do it for the finale to work on it without an audience and friend pressure. Just me and the rope holder one on one!

Ok I just got home from a work meeting so I am going to go to bed...just wanted to update you and I have pictures to prove it that I will post tomorrow if I can lift my arm.

Rusty, I wanted to kill you when I found out this was your idea but I am glad you introduced us to it and a shot out to your colleagues who came to help us....just shows what an impressive operation is...I just wish Molly could've been there!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Gotta Feeling

that tomorrow night's going be a good night! Something changed inside of me today. I am not sure if it is the quote or the fact that I am loving that new song "Hard" by Rihanna but on my way to the gym there was no dread or wishing I was on the way to the bar. I rocked it out and arrived at the gym like a superstar. I did the class "moving and groovin" with my girl Shirley T and loved it. It was intense at times but if I am having fun I am fine with sweat running down my body. I felt so good that I came home and did laundry, dishes and all that bs that I don't like to do after coming home from the gym.

I made a trip to the good ole Ukrops and wow I am getting smart at this grocery shopping. I made my salad first so I wouldn't be going through the whole store saying that looks great for dinner. I got what i needed and tried to stay on the outside of the perimeter. I am still reading the back of everything and I am ready to get to where I know everything that I need and go in and get what I need. Sidenote: I didn't use any Ranch dressing on my salad and if you know me you know this is huge for me!

News Break: What in the hell is going on with the red team on Biggest Loser?

So tomorrow is the rock climbing adventure and I am ready to rock it out...pun intended. I will keep you posted.

Here is what is also happening that I need to let you know about that I feel are successes.

1. I ditched a group outing to Brio tonight to attend a class at the gym. Ummmm hello that is huge they have the best calamari!
1.5 I didn't buy the Bacon French Onion dip that I found tonight while looking for the laughing cow cheese!
2. I have decided that I will exercise all year long and not stop after my boot camp is over. Hopefully Rusty and Molly will begin working on Challenge 2 after reading this...hint! I've been great at training for things and then going back to bad habits when they're over.
3. I will accept the challenges this boot camp and start thinking of them as ways to make me stronger physically and mentally.
4. I have decided no happy hour with my colleagues on Thursday after our staff meeting. If I make it through this one I deserve a freaking gold medal. HOLD ME TO THIS BECAUSE IF I KNOW I HAVE TO ANSWER TO SOMEBODY IT WILL MAKE ME DO IT!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Here is my quote and I'm sticking to it!

You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind.

Dale Carnegie


I'm back and I have spring fever that is for sure. I was ready to get on the plane and come home but I hated to leave the weather. I had a taste of what it is going to be like running the 10k because our plane was delayed in FL and was late getting to ATL and there was someone waiting for us at the gate telling us to run...well you would've thought it was Rusty or Molly telling me to run because I ran like crazy and thankfully made my connection with 2 minutes to spare. I could tell it in my body as I was trying to get straight in the seat. I thought about the 10k the whole way back to RIC.

I didn't eat bad in FL but I did partake in some adult beverages.....quite a few to be exact. I am back on track and I just finished a great workout at the gym. I was worthless yesterday with the rain and reuniting with my bed and DVR. Redhead and I did go to 4 grocery stores buying healthy food and cooked a great healthy dinner. I've never cooked a whole chicken but we did and sugar snap peas. We had homemade angel food with fresh strawberries.

This week at boot camp is going to be a struggle for me. We do rock climbing, which I am scared to death about, but I will give it 100% and then on Friday we have our first big group run. I am going to scour the internet for quotes on conquering your fears for this week!

Plus if it isn't bad enough I have staff meeting this week and you know I believe calories don't count on the company tab. God come on Friday after boot camp so I can breath!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

weigh in

I refuse to weigh in for another 3 weeks. those freaks on biggest loser who lose weight like crazy had me thinking i would lose 10 pounds in a week. so i weighed and of course when that didn't happen I flipped. poor molly will probably need meds after dealing with me this week.

so after 49 expletives and road rage I get an email and phone call from NFP Molly that says this:

I am sorry I forgot to mention this at class. For those of you who are trying to lose weight as your main goal, there is something you need to know. There is something I call the Weight Gain Phenomenon. If you are fans of the show The Biggest Loser, you know this as "week 2" of the show. During the very beginning of starting a structured exercise and diet plan, it is very normal to lose very little and even GAIN weight. Here is the reason... Our bodies are confused as hell about what we are doing to it!
We each have our own habits, and our body gets used to them. If your body is used to not exercising AND taking in a lot of calories, it programs itself to run as efficiently as possible to that standard. When you begin exercising and dropping the calories, it shocks your body twice as much. Your body goes into a protection mode. It thinks you are STARVING yourself. So your body then greatly slows down your metabolic rate, decreasing the normal amount of calories you typically burn in a day. Your body is trying to conserve energy (calories) because it doesn't know when your going to start your "normal" eating habits again.
This usually lasts 1 or 2 weeks, then your body figures out this is how its going to be, and readjusts accordingly to be as efficient as possible. Give it a little time and you will start seeing the progress you're looking for!
In a quick search I found this website explaining it in more detail, with added reasons to the problem as well:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i did it

me and the Redhead went to happy hour because we were waiting for my GayHusband and I had a diet coke and he had 1 glass of wine. Be prepared people because hell is freezing over. We talked about our program but didn't stress over it.

We went to dinner and had a good dinner and picked out reasonable options for us. no drinks and no dessert and we didn't clean our plates......we rock!

ok i am off to wrap up in my blanket with the fur ball!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I told you about the book Eat This, Not That and how it tells you to read every label. Well today after the gym I went to the store to get a few things and one of the items was english muffins. My sister in law made her specialty for me over Christmas and I liked it. It is an english muffin, egg beaters and wedge cheese oh and I just remembered she puts a slice of bacon on there. I get points if I make sure fiber and protein are a part of every meal so this will help me win the bike. It keeps her full and it was quite tasty. I read the labels and the ones that were labeled "double fiber" are liars. They only had 5 grams of fiber and the ones labled "light" had 8 grams of fiber. Just nailed down the fact that you have to check every label.

I did make it to the gym today for aerobics with Shirley T. God I love her. I have fun, I get a workout and I also get a big boost for my self esteem. I felt like a rockstar and wondered leaving the gym thinking "why did I ever stop coming to her classes" and quickly got into the thought of how good I would look if I hadn't stopped and then quickly threw that out and said to myself "you're doing it now and you're committed so just rock on."

I read my nutrition stuff and exercise stuff from boot camp last night and basically it is calories out have to be greater than calories in. Fair enough I will try my best.

I will say I feel pretty awesome even though I am pretty tired. My house is spotless, huge crock pot of healthy soup is brewing and I am waiting for my friends to come over for girls night.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I just subscribed to Cooking Light and they had this interesting article about 5 tips but this one hit home due to the fact I just started a 12 week program.

3. You know that exercise is important–it burns calories and helps keep your moods stable. But did you know that regular exercise can actually change your own taste preferences from high-fat health traps to more low-fat favorites? Studies show that 12 weeks of regular exercise literally changes your desire for higher fat foods. Fatty foods actually produce endorphins, a natural feel-good chemical that is easy to get hooked on. But exercise produces even more of these, so you don't need the high-fat fix to feel good anymore.

Stay tuned till March 26th. If I stop craving my fried, rich, creamy and yummy high fat foods I will love EF forever!

A different kinda Friday night

I am sitting at home waiting for RedHead to finish my dinner and all I can think is what a 180 we've done in a week. I won't even go into details about last Friday because I don't remember a part of it but I will tell you about tonight.

We all met up at EF and we were making small chit chat and then it was time to get started. Rusty and Molly handed out our nutrition plans and fitness plans. I barely glanced at it so I will write more about that when I figure it out either tonight or tomorrow am. He explained the points system which I am still trying to figure out...I will get that bike....and then the dreaded cardio circuit began.

We partnered up and off Dawn and I went. We had this rope course that we did single and then double high knees...kinda like what we did as kids hopscotch. Then we had another touch your toe and then quickly switch toes thing that knocked the breath right out of you, ab crunches, then step ups (I felt like I was on the Biggest Loser at this point), then push ups and then stairs. We did all of these for a minute. Sounds easy but imagine not catching your breath....Rusty watching every move and telling you to push yourself. We did that 3 times hard core with water breaks in between and then he made us do it again. I could've killed him but on the 4th go around my body felt better. Molly, who is in the running for NFP (New Favorite Person) for '10, says because your body adapts quickly. I was feeling great and then it came time for stretching and I could taste my lunch. I thought stretching would feel great and I can honestly say I would've rather done the stairs!

So the conversation in the car didn't start for about 10 minutes after we had caught our breath and then we decided we needed to eat instead of going home and beg for death like we had planned earlier. We walked in Ukrops and there were my old friends...fried chicken, cake at the checkout counter(shame on you Ukrops) and all the other friends that have been there for me in the past. We walked around the prepared foods and then realized there was nothing we could eat and we freaked. I couldn't stop laughing, RedHead declared he felt like he was tripping on shrooms and it was the first time I've ever worried about being thrown out somewhere on a Friday night sober. We decided on tacos. Lean ground beef, low sodium taco mix, salsa and I found some 100 calorie tortilla that I will use. Our appetizer is a cut up orange!

I feel really good right now and I am so freaking proud of the 3 Amigos. I am glad 2 classes are down and I still can't stop thinking about what the "after" picture is going to look like on March 26th!

More to come on the nutrition and fitness but the food is ready! Eat On!

random rambling

so lots of things going through the mind right now. Tonight is our first real structured boot camp. We're doing a cardio circuit. Needless to say we're a little nervous. Well at least 2 of the 3 amigos. I was talking to my boss about it and she asked why I was nervous and I said one of the reasons was because I didn't want to look stupid doing it and she said "Fuck em! You're all there to work on fitness." True story BossLady! I am still a little nervous but will just go rock it out the best I can!

This morning I was asked to focus on an 18 month goal of running a marathon. I almost choked on my coffee but after doing some math and realizing that I could get in good shape and then train I've agreed to do a 1/2 marathon with one of my closest friends that I've grown up with back home. We're shooting for May 2011 and searching for a cool location to do it so if you have any suggestions please let me know. Wow! I am excited but freaking out at what this commitment will mean to me and how I will have to stay focused. You can follow her at

Yesterday I was talking to two of my colleagues about boot camp and they shared their goals and what they're doing it. One of them loaned me the book 'Eat This, Not That' and I highly recommend it. Talk about an eye opener. The difference in which salad dressing or even ketchup can save you 80 calories per meal. A McDonald's milkshake has 165 grams of sugar....Holy Hell that is crazy! I won't spoil all of your reading but I did learn some great alternatives. Last thing....Doritos are better for you than rice cakes they aren't cooked in saturated oil. Go get it right now!

Ok time to get ready for boot camp! Rock On!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and we're off......

My before picture!

Ok so here they are, Rusty and Molly, the two people that I will be answering to for the next three months. After months of waiting, the fitness challenge has started and I am ready. I was a nervous wreck for the majority of the day waiting for 6pm but it turned out not to be so bad at all.

We all met and sat in a circle (no Cumbaya) and introduced ourselves. There are two repeaters from past challenges so I think that speaks volumes for the program. They had really cool things to share and made me believe accomplishing the goals I set for myself can work. One of them has lost 60 pounds, completed her first triathlon, quit smoking and can do a 10 minute plank. Ummmm, I am a believer people.

Here is the rundown of tonight: introductions, explaining the program and some questions and answers. Then the really fun part-weighing and measuring. I only gained one pound during the holiday season! Then we did planks to see how long we could sustain...I definitely need to work on my prone plank. See how many pushups and squats in a minute....not so bad for the first night.

We had to outline our personal goals and then Rusty is going to work up a nutrition plan according to our goals and weight...I think that is the plan and the schedule says cardio....Joy!

Oh and here is the fun part....we all compete for points. The winner gets a bike and I've been wanting one forever so game on.

I've told them about my blog so I might not dish and scream as much when I'm in pain as I usually do but after meeting them they seem pretty cool and ready to rock it out. I don't want to wish my life away but I am pretty psyched to see the after picture in 90 days!

Rock on friends!

6 Hours and counting

all of the bad stuff I can put in my body because once I walk in that place tonight it is game on and detox time. I hope I don't throw up a tasty kake tonight while I am doing my obstacle course. Who eats creame filled coffee cake cupcakes the morning they start a challenge???? BG does that's who!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boot Camp Eve

and I sure as hell am not excited like I get on Christmas eve. I was pretty chill with the nerves about boot camp since I've been preoccupied crushing on a boy. I started watching the biggest loser and I realized that tomorrow night the 3 Stooges would be involved in something similar.

Text messages and Facebook messages are coming in wishing me luck and calls between the 3 Stooges have taken place so I guess this is for real...tomorrow at 6pm it is D Day.

I've heard our personal trainer is a guy named Rusty and he is pretty hot so I am excited about this already. Rumor on the street is we do an obstacle course tomorrow night to see where we are at...I hope I survive!

Breaking news...I am watching Biggest Loser and holy hell those Felipe cousins are insane with losing 47 pounds.....I don't see 3 Stooges doing that together in 3 months.

Sweet Jesus......stay tuned!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Last Supper

Tonight BG had her last meal with not caring about what is made of or how many calories. BG had the most truly delightful holiday. I had lots of parties, celebrations and anything else under the sun. I ate everything x's 49 and loved it all.

Snow cream made with eagle milk, sugar and vanilla...........YUM!!!!!!!!!!

I got the best post partum Christmas gift today......Redhead is going to do the Challenge with us. We've drank glass after glass of wine and champagne tonight laughing about what hot messes we're about to be on Wednesday but who cares. Redhead is my downfall because he is sooooooooo much fun to cook dinner with and hangout with and knowing he is in competition with us and I don't have to worry about dodging his call to hang on......I will kick your skinny ass Molly!!!!!!! smooches!

We had an amazing meal tonight....fried chicken tenders, truffle oil macoroni and cheese and homemade ranch with green bean casserole with lots of wine and champagne. Some had brownie and ice cream........I kinda burned not so much.........

Stay tuned till Wednesday night!