Saturday, January 9, 2010


I told you about the book Eat This, Not That and how it tells you to read every label. Well today after the gym I went to the store to get a few things and one of the items was english muffins. My sister in law made her specialty for me over Christmas and I liked it. It is an english muffin, egg beaters and wedge cheese oh and I just remembered she puts a slice of bacon on there. I get points if I make sure fiber and protein are a part of every meal so this will help me win the bike. It keeps her full and it was quite tasty. I read the labels and the ones that were labeled "double fiber" are liars. They only had 5 grams of fiber and the ones labled "light" had 8 grams of fiber. Just nailed down the fact that you have to check every label.

I did make it to the gym today for aerobics with Shirley T. God I love her. I have fun, I get a workout and I also get a big boost for my self esteem. I felt like a rockstar and wondered leaving the gym thinking "why did I ever stop coming to her classes" and quickly got into the thought of how good I would look if I hadn't stopped and then quickly threw that out and said to myself "you're doing it now and you're committed so just rock on."

I read my nutrition stuff and exercise stuff from boot camp last night and basically it is calories out have to be greater than calories in. Fair enough I will try my best.

I will say I feel pretty awesome even though I am pretty tired. My house is spotless, huge crock pot of healthy soup is brewing and I am waiting for my friends to come over for girls night.

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