Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Last Supper

Tonight BG had her last meal with not caring about what is made of or how many calories. BG had the most truly delightful holiday. I had lots of parties, celebrations and anything else under the sun. I ate everything x's 49 and loved it all.

Snow cream made with eagle milk, sugar and vanilla...........YUM!!!!!!!!!!

I got the best post partum Christmas gift today......Redhead is going to do the Challenge with us. We've drank glass after glass of wine and champagne tonight laughing about what hot messes we're about to be on Wednesday but who cares. Redhead is my downfall because he is sooooooooo much fun to cook dinner with and hangout with and knowing he is in competition with us and I don't have to worry about dodging his call to hang on......I will kick your skinny ass Molly!!!!!!! smooches!

We had an amazing meal tonight....fried chicken tenders, truffle oil macoroni and cheese and homemade ranch with green bean casserole with lots of wine and champagne. Some had brownie and ice cream........I kinda burned not so much.........

Stay tuned till Wednesday night!


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Dawn said...

Well, we went out with a bang! Now, it's time to bring on a new, healthy year! Together, I know we can do this!