Friday, January 8, 2010

A different kinda Friday night

I am sitting at home waiting for RedHead to finish my dinner and all I can think is what a 180 we've done in a week. I won't even go into details about last Friday because I don't remember a part of it but I will tell you about tonight.

We all met up at EF and we were making small chit chat and then it was time to get started. Rusty and Molly handed out our nutrition plans and fitness plans. I barely glanced at it so I will write more about that when I figure it out either tonight or tomorrow am. He explained the points system which I am still trying to figure out...I will get that bike....and then the dreaded cardio circuit began.

We partnered up and off Dawn and I went. We had this rope course that we did single and then double high knees...kinda like what we did as kids hopscotch. Then we had another touch your toe and then quickly switch toes thing that knocked the breath right out of you, ab crunches, then step ups (I felt like I was on the Biggest Loser at this point), then push ups and then stairs. We did all of these for a minute. Sounds easy but imagine not catching your breath....Rusty watching every move and telling you to push yourself. We did that 3 times hard core with water breaks in between and then he made us do it again. I could've killed him but on the 4th go around my body felt better. Molly, who is in the running for NFP (New Favorite Person) for '10, says because your body adapts quickly. I was feeling great and then it came time for stretching and I could taste my lunch. I thought stretching would feel great and I can honestly say I would've rather done the stairs!

So the conversation in the car didn't start for about 10 minutes after we had caught our breath and then we decided we needed to eat instead of going home and beg for death like we had planned earlier. We walked in Ukrops and there were my old friends...fried chicken, cake at the checkout counter(shame on you Ukrops) and all the other friends that have been there for me in the past. We walked around the prepared foods and then realized there was nothing we could eat and we freaked. I couldn't stop laughing, RedHead declared he felt like he was tripping on shrooms and it was the first time I've ever worried about being thrown out somewhere on a Friday night sober. We decided on tacos. Lean ground beef, low sodium taco mix, salsa and I found some 100 calorie tortilla that I will use. Our appetizer is a cut up orange!

I feel really good right now and I am so freaking proud of the 3 Amigos. I am glad 2 classes are down and I still can't stop thinking about what the "after" picture is going to look like on March 26th!

More to come on the nutrition and fitness but the food is ready! Eat On!

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