Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm back and I have spring fever that is for sure. I was ready to get on the plane and come home but I hated to leave the weather. I had a taste of what it is going to be like running the 10k because our plane was delayed in FL and was late getting to ATL and there was someone waiting for us at the gate telling us to run...well you would've thought it was Rusty or Molly telling me to run because I ran like crazy and thankfully made my connection with 2 minutes to spare. I could tell it in my body as I was trying to get straight in the seat. I thought about the 10k the whole way back to RIC.

I didn't eat bad in FL but I did partake in some adult beverages.....quite a few to be exact. I am back on track and I just finished a great workout at the gym. I was worthless yesterday with the rain and reuniting with my bed and DVR. Redhead and I did go to 4 grocery stores buying healthy food and cooked a great healthy dinner. I've never cooked a whole chicken but we did and sugar snap peas. We had homemade angel food with fresh strawberries.

This week at boot camp is going to be a struggle for me. We do rock climbing, which I am scared to death about, but I will give it 100% and then on Friday we have our first big group run. I am going to scour the internet for quotes on conquering your fears for this week!

Plus if it isn't bad enough I have staff meeting this week and you know I believe calories don't count on the company tab. God come on Friday after boot camp so I can breath!

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