Sunday, October 25, 2009


is what I've felt like all weekend. Friday night after my date I participated in neighborhood watch program which is basically drinking beer with the neighbors. I love it but Saturday I was in my coffin all day long. The weather was gross, I was tired and a little hung! I caved in and got pizza for lunch and after eating it I was feeling gross and lethargic. I climbed back into the coffin. I didn't get anything done for the day except a trip to target and cleaning out some of my dvr homework.

Today is a different reason for the vomit feeling. Sunday is boot camp group workout and I literally could've thrown up. I ran...please pick your jaw up. 30 minutes I had to do hard core cardio with Ruth. Ruth is my Jillian. I know you think I am obsessed with the Biggest Loser but seriously she is my Jillian. I told her during one sprint I hated her and I really regret it. We did things that I thought were going to make my arms and legs pop off. We had to squat low and put our arms on our legs and walk around the gym...hello that is kicking my ass right now. 30 minutes of weight lifting felt like a vacation after being with her but then we came back to her to stretch. I was shaking so bad that I couldn't hold my left hand up in the air and grab my right foot so Ruth came and held my hand so I could properly stretch. She rocked my world today but more than anything is that I've realized I have to have that person right now to hold me accountable. I am good for getting in the gym but NEVER do I push myself like she pushed me today. I hated her for 30 minutes but right now I am thinking she rocks. Scott worked us hard on the machines but nothing like Ruth!

So this week is going to be interesting since I am probably going on the road for the election. My association is finally being the big dog in politics and deploying people to work races. Tomorrow I leave for Tidewater to coordinate the Obama rally for my group and I am so excited but that means being away from my way of life. I've stocked up on Tuna packets (btw check out their new flavors....Hickory Smoke rocks) so that is a start! This week will also mark my first anniversary with this blog and how ironic I was talking about Obama during my first post. I can't wait to hear him on Tuesday for my candidate....Creigh Deeds! Remember to vote in VA for Creigh and Steve Shannon!

Rock on readers and wish me luck this week during traveling!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm alive and some good news

hey readers....remember when I wrote a few weeks ago I always wondered what I would be like on Biggest Loser? I would be one of the people we all hate. The ones that complain and say they can't do it. Jillian and I would've slapped each other 20 times during this class. I thought I was going to die during Interval Trekking class. First off it is on the elliptical and I've been on the treadmill the majority of the time. It is very hard to switch over but I think I am going to spend some time because I could really feel it as a good cardio workout. You do it at different levels for 5 minutes and then you jump off and do an shoulder press, medicine ball and then shoulder press and then jump back on and do more treadmill. My entire body will be crazy in pain but it is a good pain. My insides are on fire and they hate me. I am also recovering from a girls' weekend that included tons of drinking and great recovery food.....I keep thinking about the onion rings that were truly delicious dipped in homemade ranch!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you that I found a dress for the wedding in November. Karma is great. I had just walked out of the Coach outlet and if you know me I am in love with them and they had the new pink Coach that I am dying for but I walked out and tried to pretend I had self control. Well we walked into a store and there it was....the dress I wanted for Erin's wedding. I went a size lower and when I came out to model for the girls the sales lady said "What size is that" and I was actually already a little self conscious of coming out to model and I said "Why you don't think it fits" and she said "no darling I think you need to go down another size." So I did and hot damn Big Girl is down 2 dress sizes....but after this weekend I am pretty sure I am up 4. So I've resulted to old habits of putting my goal on my door or where I see it first thing in the morning so I will get up and go workout. I hope it will keep me focused because you know i can get distracted! I did this before and I rocked it out!!!!!!

Big Girl goes to the beach

and ate everything that I could get in my mouth. We were in South Carolina so you know the grease had an extra taste to it that made it truly delightful. The onion rings on Saturday that were ordered to cure my headache were about the size of a grape fruit and when you dipped them in the homemade ranch it was a party in my mouth.

I am back to reality and as Winona Ryder clearly states in the 90's Reality Bites!

Boot camp is at 6 tonight so you might get an update on that one! I am doing a trekking class. Hope Big Girl can make it!

Oh and I should tell you about the delicious chocolate cake donut I had on Friday was delightful!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On the way to Powhatan

and this is what I saw and couldn't believe. She knew that I took a picture and I am not sure who was more shocked. Me for wondering who would advertise this on your car or her for wondering what freak would pull a camera out at a stop light? I was worried to death she was a teacher and would be going to the school. How could I spin this for recruitment? Seriously though who does this? In case you can't read her lettering on the windshield it says "Thick Chicks Rule, Skinny Girls Drool". Well I don't know what is wrong with her but I sure was drooling when my secretary had the nerve to bring McDonald's fries into this office when I was eating my lunch today!

The license plate is what caught my attention after my eyes recovered from that yellow passing by me. The only thing better is if I could've pulled up and found her eating a porkchop biscuit!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


this sucks and I need Jillian Michaels in my life. I need her to move in with me and monitor everything I do and yell at me in the mornings to make me get out of bed.

I want everything that is bad for me and even though I know my water level is low I want diet coke like it is my job.

Work isn't helping with being crazy but you know what.....gotta do it.

New day and hopefully my attitude will improve.

Oh and to my new fellow blog rock my friend and I am sooooooo proud of you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I would love to say the reason I haven't written a blog because I was on vacation but I've been a train wreck with the diet. I've thoroughly disgusted myself with the food I've eaten and it all changes tomorrow. If you're on Facebook you heard all about my funnel cake nightmare.

About 2 weeks ago my gym sent me an email about about a challenge for 5 weeks. I went for orientation this afternoon and it will be interesting. I need this though and for 5 weeks I can do anything. It focuses on nutrition and fitness. I really like that it has a 2 hour meeting on Sunday afternoon. 1 hour will be spent talking about nutrition and the other hour will be a group workout. It will get me focused for the upcoming week.

I have to record everything I eat and drink and she recommended getting a notebook (you know I love school supplies). I am pretty excited about my notebook. If it is cute and I like it the more likely I am to keeping up with it.

We are all having a last meal so I am having wings, mac and cheese and ice cream. After more!

BFFASS just asked me if I was excited and I answered a little nervous but I think I am excited. Making more friends in my gym, focusing 5 weeks on getting healthy and who knows what else can happen!

Hey if you aren't watching DietTribe on Lifetime you should take a peek!