Sunday, October 25, 2009


is what I've felt like all weekend. Friday night after my date I participated in neighborhood watch program which is basically drinking beer with the neighbors. I love it but Saturday I was in my coffin all day long. The weather was gross, I was tired and a little hung! I caved in and got pizza for lunch and after eating it I was feeling gross and lethargic. I climbed back into the coffin. I didn't get anything done for the day except a trip to target and cleaning out some of my dvr homework.

Today is a different reason for the vomit feeling. Sunday is boot camp group workout and I literally could've thrown up. I ran...please pick your jaw up. 30 minutes I had to do hard core cardio with Ruth. Ruth is my Jillian. I know you think I am obsessed with the Biggest Loser but seriously she is my Jillian. I told her during one sprint I hated her and I really regret it. We did things that I thought were going to make my arms and legs pop off. We had to squat low and put our arms on our legs and walk around the gym...hello that is kicking my ass right now. 30 minutes of weight lifting felt like a vacation after being with her but then we came back to her to stretch. I was shaking so bad that I couldn't hold my left hand up in the air and grab my right foot so Ruth came and held my hand so I could properly stretch. She rocked my world today but more than anything is that I've realized I have to have that person right now to hold me accountable. I am good for getting in the gym but NEVER do I push myself like she pushed me today. I hated her for 30 minutes but right now I am thinking she rocks. Scott worked us hard on the machines but nothing like Ruth!

So this week is going to be interesting since I am probably going on the road for the election. My association is finally being the big dog in politics and deploying people to work races. Tomorrow I leave for Tidewater to coordinate the Obama rally for my group and I am so excited but that means being away from my way of life. I've stocked up on Tuna packets (btw check out their new flavors....Hickory Smoke rocks) so that is a start! This week will also mark my first anniversary with this blog and how ironic I was talking about Obama during my first post. I can't wait to hear him on Tuesday for my candidate....Creigh Deeds! Remember to vote in VA for Creigh and Steve Shannon!

Rock on readers and wish me luck this week during traveling!

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JCI said...

Hello my fine vixen friend. You will be fine. Peace, love and travel mercies from me and your "nephew" for Ruth, how I wish I had one. It's normal to want to dropkick people who are driving positive change we're resistant to. Love you, shug. KEEP IT UP. :)