Sunday, October 11, 2009


I would love to say the reason I haven't written a blog because I was on vacation but I've been a train wreck with the diet. I've thoroughly disgusted myself with the food I've eaten and it all changes tomorrow. If you're on Facebook you heard all about my funnel cake nightmare.

About 2 weeks ago my gym sent me an email about about a challenge for 5 weeks. I went for orientation this afternoon and it will be interesting. I need this though and for 5 weeks I can do anything. It focuses on nutrition and fitness. I really like that it has a 2 hour meeting on Sunday afternoon. 1 hour will be spent talking about nutrition and the other hour will be a group workout. It will get me focused for the upcoming week.

I have to record everything I eat and drink and she recommended getting a notebook (you know I love school supplies). I am pretty excited about my notebook. If it is cute and I like it the more likely I am to keeping up with it.

We are all having a last meal so I am having wings, mac and cheese and ice cream. After more!

BFFASS just asked me if I was excited and I answered a little nervous but I think I am excited. Making more friends in my gym, focusing 5 weeks on getting healthy and who knows what else can happen!

Hey if you aren't watching DietTribe on Lifetime you should take a peek!


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