Monday, September 21, 2009

Hot Mess

is what I am and I am pretty freaked out by it. I really want to tell BeanPole where to shove it. I needed that challenge to begin to give me something else to concentrate on instead of the fact that I am having a mid life crisis. Good thing I've found out that Shirley T. is teaching a class in the morning at the gym.....I need you in my life Shirley T.

It started while I was in Charlotte and just has continued to get worse or judging how I look at it...clearer. I am one of those that believes in signs and I am pretty freaked out that everything is pointing to change. I am going to try to regulate my breathing for a bit and see what happens. See if I am just reacting to mid life crisis or if it is like turning 30 where all I needed was a drastic 10 inch haircut as change. I think the next few months will be very interesting for me as the past 48 hours have been very eye opening and mind opening.

Update on the CLT girls.......they're all amazing and doing so good. So proud of them. Burns has sculpted arms that give Michelle O a run for her money from boot camp, GatorMolester completed and rocked at a 1/2 marathon on Saturday so we were able to celebrate, Red looks amazing with a new do and her workout self and Sting is just looking great and healthy but more importantly she seemed happy. The big difference was the sister in law who is looking like a rockstar....down 9 pounds and you can definitely tell. You girls are amazing and I miss you all so much!

"The key to change is to let go of fear." Roseanne Cash

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