Thursday, September 10, 2009

Explanation of freak out mode yesterday

Hola Peeps!

I got an email from Alligator Molester this morning that I want to share. Realize that I don't usually do this but I figured if she was thinking it you might be thinking the same things.

why are you freaking????? yes, i read your blog and that's why i'm excited! it sounds like it has everything you want/need!!!! motivation, fun activities, you LOVE knowing what others eat, etc etc.....

how in the world is there anything to freak about???? it sounds PERFECT!!!!!!!

I think the real reason as to why I was freaking out is because it is a lot easier to sit around and say "Oh I am looking for a program and would love to do one". It has been great watching my friends sign up for programs and cheer them on but when it comes down to signing up and committing ME to changing MY life than that is a whole other least to me it is. Writing/Journaling what I eat everyday for 3 months sounds like a daunting task. Having to go through an election cycle and not be able to drink beer after phone banking sounds miserable to me. Admitting I have a horrible relationship with food and need to break up with chips....well that sends me into meltdown mode.

Don't get me wrong....Big Girl is ready for it and I am sure after the premiere of Biggest Loser on the 15th I will be the first one to show up for the challenge...just the unknown, being embarrassed that my weight has gotten to the point I need to do a challenge and the wondering how my life will be changed is what has me freaked out.

There are lots of things that I am excited about: my makeover and new years eve outfit, being the Hot Mama that I know is dying to come out, being excited to buy clothes for the Spring, being able to toy with the idea of becoming a runner......the list goes on and on.

Today PimpDaddy said this to me "it is all about the mental aspect that no matter what physical task is put in front of you, your mind limits you. tells you cannot do things, it looks up at the mountain and says wow that is pretty high. well if you start climbing and you put some time in you realize you can get up that mountain." Well my mind has 11 Days to realize we're about to climb Mt. Everest!

Ummmm and can we discuss how it seems everybody is on the good health train? Not sure if it is the rumors about being kicked out of health insurance if you're in poor health or what but by God everybody is talking about getting healthy!


thepoliticsoflife said...

You'll do great! I should take some inspiration and get off my butt.

Robin said...

want to do it with me? I can send you the form!