Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge here I come!

so I've always had that feeling that I would be the first person to knock Jillian on her butt during taping of the Biggest Loser and we're about to find out how I would behave!

I told you yesterday that I had discovered (while eating at Qdoba) a weight loss challenge. I investigated more and I talked to Molly today at the facility about the challenge. Molly sounds like a bean pole but she is really excited to meet me so that makes her fun.

Here is the deal about what I will be going through for 12 weeks starting Sept. 22nd. We will be measured and weighed and put through a series of fitness tests. Alligator Molester in Charlotte went through/goes through this with her boot camps and the results are amazing after a month so I can't wait to see mine after 3 months.

We also will be using a live food diary/life journal that is hosted off of livestrong.com and we will have access to others journals. I literally almost screamed when she said I would be able to see what other people were going to eat and do. I hope they don't test for stalker because I will come up pretty fit in that category! She said this helps keep the group together while they aren't together on Tuesday and Thursday night. She said that also on weekends that some of them get together and work out. I am pretty excited. I need motivation and accountability!

The part I am nervous about is we work out together for 2 hours a week and it is a station thing. I am not good at sit ups, push ups and all that so this is going to be my hard spot. Molly also said that we play lots of games. Some involve cards i.e. you draw a 10 and you have to do 10 push ups. I wonder if I should let them know the only card game I like to play is Asshole where you make other people drink.

I want to give a big good luck cheer for one of the Charlotte Girls, who is starting her first boot camp tonight. I can't wait to hear how it is! Go Burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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