Monday, September 7, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge

If you read my last blog then you will know I've been searching for a program. I was hoping for one after my walk but beggars can't be choosy. Want some details about it? So do I! This is how it all came about....

Today is my holiday...Labor Day. I am one of those god awful organizers that the right wing hates and honestly I am pretty proud of my job and my organization. We are advocates for those that control the future...those that work in education. Last week I was a complete hot mess because I found out the people we're suing are taking us to court on a demur. First I had to call my lawyer to find out what a demur is but basically they admitted guilt but they're taking us to court first to let the judge advance the lawsuit. Craziness!

Back to the is Labor Day and no work so I was able to go on a walk with Neighbor, who just got back from vacation, so it was great to catch up and time passed like crazy since we had a whole week to fill in.

We had a great 6.5 mile walk and were able to ditch 880 calories along the way. If you walk and don't own a Garmin I highly recommend it. Well anyway we like to hit Qdoba afterwards and get one of their naked bowls because it has protein/carbs and after a great walk it is safe to eat it and know the body will burn it. Well there was a flyer for a Weight Loss Challenge and I came home and looked it up on the internet and found where a writer from Style Weekly had participated in it and I was able to read her blogs. I am pretty interested in it and I am going to call tomorrow and get more details. I've basically decided if the price is decent I am going to do it. It starts on the 22nd of this month and ends on December 17th. I am pretty excited and will let you know more details when I know them!

Happy Labor Day!!!!!!!!

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