Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Freaking the F*U% Out!

Well yesterday around this time I was on cloud nine and ready to go give my life for 3 months and all that great crap and now I am flipping the F*u% out! I am still excited but the only real reason is because last night while we were exploring a new park (Neighbor made me walk backwards up a huge hill to burn the inside of my thighs and I truly am thinking about what I can burn of hers to make her feel what I did last night and you Neighbor) we decided that after surviving 3 months of hell we would need a huge reward. So we decided we were going to get makeovers and a new outfit for New Years Eve. With jumpsuits being all the rage I've decided that I want a strapless black pant suit and fun jewelry oh and let's not forget fake eyelashes and new makeup from MAC! Of course when I picture myself after behaving for 3 months I am sure that I will be probably a little smaller than Posh so I am sure I will find David Beckham's twin on New Years!

I was seriously starting to freak out this morning and afternoon about the challenge. People are going to be able to look at what I eat and do for 3 was really cool when she said I could stalk other people but ummmm I don't want anybody calling me out on getting wild and drinking tons of tasty Milla Lites at a tailgate! I am just going to take it one change at a time and hope that the competitive side of me comes out like it usually does. I really hope that there is a cute guy in the challenge or even just a guy because I've found they're better to talk to about working out....maybe not so much diet because I think BossLady is the best at that but boys do have their kicks!

So most girls are scared to talk to guys about needing to change their bodies or diets and I find it the opposite. WorkHusband and PimpDaddy are two of my biggest motivators. Of course I think they go to the extreme with their workouts (lifting 150 pounds over 20 times and running up stairs 10 times with weights) but they're always good to get me motivated by to go the extra mile or push harder. Pimp Daddy is the main reason for the Weight Loss Challenge. He is constantly pushing and makes me head to the gym after our conversations. Do you know he gave up alcohol for 40 days....actually longer and he makes Paris Hilton look like a homebody! One day when we were talking about relationships he said to me "Robin she doesn't challenge herself so I don't think it is going to work." Men want a lady that is going to take care of herself and she doesn't have to be a brick house....just work at it! So advice for the day to your men about working out and share the details that they give you!

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