Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Gotta Feeling

that tomorrow night's going be a good night! Something changed inside of me today. I am not sure if it is the quote or the fact that I am loving that new song "Hard" by Rihanna but on my way to the gym there was no dread or wishing I was on the way to the bar. I rocked it out and arrived at the gym like a superstar. I did the class "moving and groovin" with my girl Shirley T and loved it. It was intense at times but if I am having fun I am fine with sweat running down my body. I felt so good that I came home and did laundry, dishes and all that bs that I don't like to do after coming home from the gym.

I made a trip to the good ole Ukrops and wow I am getting smart at this grocery shopping. I made my salad first so I wouldn't be going through the whole store saying that looks great for dinner. I got what i needed and tried to stay on the outside of the perimeter. I am still reading the back of everything and I am ready to get to where I know everything that I need and go in and get what I need. Sidenote: I didn't use any Ranch dressing on my salad and if you know me you know this is huge for me!

News Break: What in the hell is going on with the red team on Biggest Loser?

So tomorrow is the rock climbing adventure and I am ready to rock it out...pun intended. I will keep you posted.

Here is what is also happening that I need to let you know about that I feel are successes.

1. I ditched a group outing to Brio tonight to attend a class at the gym. Ummmm hello that is huge they have the best calamari!
1.5 I didn't buy the Bacon French Onion dip that I found tonight while looking for the laughing cow cheese!
2. I have decided that I will exercise all year long and not stop after my boot camp is over. Hopefully Rusty and Molly will begin working on Challenge 2 after reading this...hint! I've been great at training for things and then going back to bad habits when they're over.
3. I will accept the challenges this boot camp and start thinking of them as ways to make me stronger physically and mentally.
4. I have decided no happy hour with my colleagues on Thursday after our staff meeting. If I make it through this one I deserve a freaking gold medal. HOLD ME TO THIS BECAUSE IF I KNOW I HAVE TO ANSWER TO SOMEBODY IT WILL MAKE ME DO IT!



gem52372 said...

You are doing FABULOUS!!!
I am on my game with the eating I just need to conquer the working out part...wish we lived closer I would love to join you at the gym...Id probably laugh more than work out LOL

Robin said...

oh I soooooo wish you lived closer Meg...we would have so much fun together!