Thursday, January 21, 2010

Staff Meeting Update

Remember today is my staff meeting and we're actually talking about blogging and how to communicate with our members so I am practicing the techniques that I am learning. My association loves to eat. Break time, lunch, break time, happy hour and I've decided I am going to say hell no! I climbed a rock wall last night and I can say no to the reese's pieces that are calling my name.

I was barely awake when I was leaving for my meeting before staff meeting but I thought to put some snacks in my bag. I have some clementines, 100 Calorie Trader Joe's chocolate bars and 90 calorie fiber one bars that have become my new favorite treat.

Here is what I am fighting the urge to eat and it is only 11:22.....I would say I would reward myself with a treat but there are talks of booking a trip next week to celebrate the end of boot camp the day after we do the 10k and before our boot camp starts up again April 7th. That's right Future Fit Girl is doing it again....

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