Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Update

we survived last night's boot camp. I've been thinking of what all I want to say about it since the drive home last night and as soon I get it all together I will write a blog. It was physically and mentally hard. More to come on that.

Dawn has also signed on to do boot camp again that starts April 7th so the 3 Stooges have officially committed to 24 weeks of boot camp. Keep in mind that April is usually when we fire up the grill and drink on my deck...April 7th-June 24th is probably my favorite time of year besides Hokie football season so this will be a challenge all in itself.

I can't imagine not having the good friends that I do to go through this with and I am very thankful for them. A lot of times being able to talk about how things are going, encouraging each other or just being able to laugh (Giggles McGee) but more importantly....knowing you aren't alone in this process is what helps me the most. Love you guys and we rock!

Look for a post about last night tonight...I have to go do a report for work!

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