Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Belay On

My arms hurt already and I can feel it all over my body but I did it. I was so worried I wouldn't even get off the ground and I went close to the top on my last one. The goal we set for me was to get to the top the next time. I've got to work on getting that close and just pushing it out without quitting. Your arms, legs and entire body get tired and you just start shaking and some random stranger is holding you on the ground and you start thinking oh crap I could fall.

I have already decided I will go again before it is time to do it for the finale to work on it without an audience and friend pressure. Just me and the rope holder one on one!

Ok I just got home from a work meeting so I am going to go to bed...just wanted to update you and I have pictures to prove it that I will post tomorrow if I can lift my arm.

Rusty, I wanted to kill you when I found out this was your idea but I am glad you introduced us to it and a shot out to your colleagues who came to help us....just shows what an impressive operation is...I just wish Molly could've been there!

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