Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boot Camp Eve

and I sure as hell am not excited like I get on Christmas eve. I was pretty chill with the nerves about boot camp since I've been preoccupied crushing on a boy. I started watching the biggest loser and I realized that tomorrow night the 3 Stooges would be involved in something similar.

Text messages and Facebook messages are coming in wishing me luck and calls between the 3 Stooges have taken place so I guess this is for real...tomorrow at 6pm it is D Day.

I've heard our personal trainer is a guy named Rusty and he is pretty hot so I am excited about this already. Rumor on the street is we do an obstacle course tomorrow night to see where we are at...I hope I survive!

Breaking news...I am watching Biggest Loser and holy hell those Felipe cousins are insane with losing 47 pounds.....I don't see 3 Stooges doing that together in 3 months.

Sweet Jesus......stay tuned!

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