Monday, March 2, 2009

Reality Bites!

Well I had a dose of reality this afternoon when I tried on my latest shipment of Aruba bound clothes. I knew that I had gotten a little crazy this weekend with some of the food I ate while working all weekend. I had a bowl of ice cream with a piece of cheesecake and was grossing myself out even while eating it but everybody else was having dessert so I thought it was justified. It didn't stop on the way home yesterday because I had french fries from McD's and they were truly delightful. I didn't stop at dinner either because I had a loaded baked potato and that was wonderful.

I am back on track today and even shoveled more snow that necessary since I knew I couldn't get to the gym. I am already feeling it in my arms and upper back. I didn't even buy any bad things at the grocery store when I walked there today. Why do I associate good comfort food when the weather is bad?

Reality sunk in when I went upstairs to shower after shoveling snow. I decided to try on the latest purchases that had arrived from my online retail therapy session the other day. It was a cute little sundress that I had purchased for Aruba. You know how you buy something and you imagine how sexy and hot you will look in it and then you try it on and you are like "WTF was I thinking?" Well that happened to me. My upper stomach made it bunch all up and all I could focus on was that....I immediately dropped and did crunches. The vision of me in the hot pink dress will be enough motivation to make me walk to the gym tomorrow if I can't get there by car.

I am pretty sad that I had picked up a great bottle of wine to go with my fish tonight and I think I am saving it for another time.....the dress is more important!


clp said...

it's all good, girl. sounds like we had a similar weekend!!!! but you got it. i think you need to add a ticker countdown to aruba on your blog so we can all watch and cheer for you and the pink dress!!!

Robin said...

I would like to give CLP a mad shot out for the countdown!!! You rock my future fit friend!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Concentrate on the dress! It will totally work. P.S. - I have been going to Zumba classes too, and I LOVE them!!!