Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oprah to the Rescue

This week has been crazy and it isn't even Thursday yet. I should've known the week would be crazy when Sunday night was dominated with dealing with the recent break ins that are going on in my adorable little neighborhood. Monday was spent dealing with the most bizarre meeting I've been to in the last few years with my job. It was frustrating but I was looking forward to my decorator coming over with print samples for my window treatments. Well Neighbor ended up coming over to help pick out the prints and the next thing you know 2 bottles of wine are gone and we need food so Papa is called. Tuesday was spent dealing with a creepy alarm salesman and realizing I needed to go on a budget if I wanted to enjoy Aruba due to the home improvements that I wanted and didn't want. The day got worse when I opened up an email that Neighbor had sent with the clip of the news that talked about our break ins. Usually I love to be the center of attention but when the headline is "Burglars Target Single Women" and the sub title is "Break Ins on Silverbush Drive" I thought I was going to hyperventilate. I will admit I am extremely embarassed that my friends have been calling and telling me that they saw my house on the news. Luckily I got to the gym to try to get my head cleared out before I went to the meeting that was never ending. I missed a good friend's birthday party due to the meeting but is it bad I am not sad that I didn't miss the drinking and eating yummy food? I felt extremely guilty about calling Papa to the rescue on Monday. Today has been much improved with the weather being beautiful and feeling better with the alarm and the budget.....and here is where today's post got the title Oprah to the Rescue......I should've warned you I was going to ramble quite a bit.

I've been worried with being on a budget that I wouldn't be able to eat as healthy as I've been eating. It is so much cheaper to eat a box of macroni and cheese instead of making a salad, grilled chicken breast and fruit. I've literally been stressing about this and then I came home after a great workout at the gym (I burned 687 calories on the treadmill) and had my dinner and hit DVR and there was Oprah with Tyler Florence (secret crush developed tonight) and another hot Chef and Cat Cora teaching families how to cook healthy meals for $5-7 a meal for a family of four so that will feed me all week....well part of it. All of the recipes are at and I will be whipping some of them up so I will keep you posted on how they are and if you have ways to be healthy and save on your budget shoot me an email and let me know!

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michelle said...

Oh if any of them are super yummy and light on the veggies...well zero on the veggies :), send em to me!! I don't cook but am sure that Eric would love for me to pass them on to him, HA! Love ya.