Monday, March 30, 2009

I won against the treadmill tonight!

so i couldn't get out of bed this morning to get my workout in before work. i did the 10k and did good in it but still wasn't feeling like the future fit girl that i had been feeling like for a bit....maybe because my awesome friends and i celebrated at shamrock the block with yummy beers! i've gotten slack in my eating but still remaining good in my workouts. i vowed that on monday i would be better about it.

i had a hair appointment today and the minute i walked in my stylist said "are you trying to shrink before my eyes?" she must have known i needed that comment because my response was "i feel like a fat heifer." she informed me that I had cut out too much fat in my diet because it was showing in my hair. i have to make sure i take my vitamins and try to track how much fat I have in my diet. i think this is a first for me....never have i been told that I needed to add more fat to my diet. i haven't had avocados for a while so tomorrow they will be added back to my grocery list.

well tonight i ventured to the gym and i did my arm weights and got through them fine and then I got on the treadmill. i wasn't sore from the 10k but the thought of doing an hour made me want to vomit. i could barely get through 26 minutes without day dreaming of stopping at 30 minutes. i made it to 30 and i kept remembering my friends on the biggest loser. they wanted to quit the 24 hour bike ride and they didn't. they said the reason they hadn't been successful before in their weight loss is because they were quitters and that has really stuck with me on my journey to being a future fit girl. I won the battle tonight against the treadmill tonight because I stayed on it for 60 minutes!!!! Wooohoooo I rock!

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