Monday, August 10, 2009

We need gold medals!

so I know I have to post yesterday's food intake but I am upstairs in bed and the camera is downstairs! I have to tell you about yesterday!

It was 100 degrees in Richmond with the heat index way past that and WildOne and I thought we were going to hang out by the pool. Most of you know what a typical pool day is for us. Lots of drinking and getting half retarded.

Well I am happy to report that not one single beer was consumed. Our friends at the pool were so impressed and we filled them in on the news that it was Health Awareness Month in the RIC. We were very impressed with ourselves.

But wait there is WildOne is dog sitting and I went over to visit last night. We had said we were going to cook healthy since she rode by my parents and grabbed a whole bunch of vegtables from my Dad's garden but we decided we were going to watch a movie and we threw out the idea of ordering out. We found the take out menus and everything but in the end the healthy choice won out and we cooked our healthy meal. Every five minutes there was a high five for us behaving and eating well.

So week 1 of Health Awareness went great! Bring on Round 2~

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