Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Good Decision

I talked to WildOne coming into work this morning and she sounded like she was hurting pretty bad and after she told me her total I can understand. 7 shots of Jagermeister and 11 beers. My girl can drink but so can I.

I so made the right decision to go workout with Shirley T. I needed a good workout for my mind and my body. Today I woke up and felt great and productive which is great since work is kicking my butt. If I had been out with her I would be hating my life and dreaming of a greasy cheeseburger!

I counted the calories in the shots 7 x 103 = 721 and 96 x 11 = 1056 total calories in drinking 1,777. I am not saying that I would've drank that much but when WildOne and I get together we can do some damage. Also, I would've smoked which I haven't done in a while (Woooohoooo) and who knows what I would've eaten after drinking all that....I am sure some fries would've been consumed!
I love WildOne but I've just come to the conclusion (the mirror at aerobics helped me) that I can't live like that anymore if I am going to achieve my future fit girl goals.

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Steelers Wine Girl said...

You go girl! You will definitely get back on track and be the super star that I know you are :)