Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Julie and Julia

so who has seen that movie? I watched it Friday night and it made feel guilty about not updating my blog so I stopped by to check on it and decided for a quick update. I have no updates on the eating good part or working out. BG has been trying to eat everything and at times drink everything.

I am still signed up for boot camp and that starts January 6th. It is on Wednesday and Friday...I had a minor flip out on that but after cpr I realized this is good for me. There is nothing better than a cold Milla Lite after a week of work. I need to be committed and hopefully this will keep me on track.

There are tons of parties in my future and I will enjoy everyone of them. I will be honest I am ready for a new year. The hope of 2010 is always fun and exciting.

Ok I am off to roll out oreo cookie balls for Friday!

Peace, Love and Calories!


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