Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm alive and some good news

hey readers....remember when I wrote a few weeks ago I always wondered what I would be like on Biggest Loser? I would be one of the people we all hate. The ones that complain and say they can't do it. Jillian and I would've slapped each other 20 times during this class. I thought I was going to die during Interval Trekking class. First off it is on the elliptical and I've been on the treadmill the majority of the time. It is very hard to switch over but I think I am going to spend some time because I could really feel it as a good cardio workout. You do it at different levels for 5 minutes and then you jump off and do an shoulder press, medicine ball and then shoulder press and then jump back on and do more treadmill. My entire body will be crazy in pain but it is a good pain. My insides are on fire and they hate me. I am also recovering from a girls' weekend that included tons of drinking and great recovery food.....I keep thinking about the onion rings that were truly delicious dipped in homemade ranch!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you that I found a dress for the wedding in November. Karma is great. I had just walked out of the Coach outlet and if you know me I am in love with them and they had the new pink Coach that I am dying for but I walked out and tried to pretend I had self control. Well we walked into a store and there it was....the dress I wanted for Erin's wedding. I went a size lower and when I came out to model for the girls the sales lady said "What size is that" and I was actually already a little self conscious of coming out to model and I said "Why you don't think it fits" and she said "no darling I think you need to go down another size." So I did and hot damn Big Girl is down 2 dress sizes....but after this weekend I am pretty sure I am up 4. So I've resulted to old habits of putting my goal on my door or where I see it first thing in the morning so I will get up and go workout. I hope it will keep me focused because you know i can get distracted! I did this before and I rocked it out!!!!!!

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JCI said...

You will look ab fab as usual girl. Keep your eyes on that dress and reward yourself with some kick ass new shoes when you're done. :) Keep rockin, girl. I love ya!