Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hell will freeze over tonight!

Beer: 0
Cigarettes: 0
Cravings: 9,823

Hell will freeze over......Big Girl went to the gym twice today. This morning I got up early and did my weights and cardio. AWESOME workout...going back to my post last night....the vanity is making me work my ass off. I will take the most amazing pictures of myself in Aruba.

I did eat a small Frosty for lunch today...and it tasted soooo good. I had a dismissal to deal with that lasted forever and a day and I half won so it was a treat.

Anyway....I went back to the gym for a Hip Hop aerobics class....Oh Sweet Jesus I have NOOOOOOOOO rhythm or ability to dance. I am a disaster! I did work up a sweat so it was a good workout!

I hope I can get up in the morning and go do my leg weights and cardio and I don't say well I worked out twice yesterday so I can skip today.

Will keep you posted!

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Steelers Wine Girl said...

Good for you! And don't feel bad about no rhythm...I went to a zumba class last week and you ain't seen 'nothin' till you see this white girl trying to shake her hips to world music. Oh lord...hope there were no video cameras close by!