Friday, February 13, 2009

Train Wreck

Cravings: for wine last night...4

This budget crisis has got to get over soon because I had my meltdown today and have eaten everything in the house. I had furniture delivered so I had to work from home. My phone has been blowing up between our lawyer, members and HR butt heads. Every time I would hang up I would find something to put in my mouth. I am having teachers let go, schools closing and just the weirdest crap go on this week and I had my melt down and took it out on nacho chips that I found in my cabinet. What were they doing there? Between my nerves and bad food my stomach hates me. I am ready for a beer...maybe that will settle my upset stomach...I need help I know! I just chugged some Pepto...wonder how many calories that cost me?

So the boy and I cooked dinner together last night and that was pretty healthy except he did put some butter in the mushrooms. Having a cute boy beside you will definitely help you focus on portion control. There was no dessert and no alcohol so I think it was pretty harmless.

Funny story about us cooking...warning it could make you sick. This boy has the weirdest effects on me. Last night he had me so out of focus that I forgot to turn the stove on and when I figured it out and got the stuff cooked I forgot to turn it off. I am usually such a good cook but I can't focus with him around me. I tried to be smooth with realizing I had left the stove on but he saw it. Maybe this will be a good weight loss tactic...

Have a great weekend everyone and eat some chocolate for me since I've blown my extra calories on pepto and nachos!


Steelers Wine Girl said...

Sounds like an excellent first cooking experience w/the new boy. Methinks love is in the air...and right around v-day!

Whenever you crave chocolate this weekend just remember cooking side by side w/new guy - you'll resist!

clp said...

i think we need a blog nickname for the new boy....let's brainstorm....

hmmmmmmmmm. i'll let you know any suggestions....

dinner sounded like a blast!!