Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Roller Coaster

Beer: 0
Cigarettes: 3
Cravings: 498

Well the boy was short lived but well worth the good times we had. I've been a hot disaster for the past 2 days while I was in limbo but managed to make it to the gym and had great workouts. I didn't turn to beer or comfort food and that is a huge success for me. You know I always go back to being vain and now my purpose in my workouts is to turn into a goddess and make him eat his heart out over my pictures on facebook. Today when I did my weights I put extra effort into my weights thinking of how I want my muscles to look in the pictures and then on the treadmill I cranked up the incline level and increased my speed so I could trim some extra off a little quicker. Whatever gets me through the week and keeps me motivated....if you've ever read the book Jemima J...I've turned into her except in reverse. She got all healthy and became a gym rat before she met the guy and now I will become a gym rat after meeting the guy! I will say that the boy did make me feel so good about myself. Having a cutie call you sexy and beautiful is a real ego boost and you notice the great things about your body instead of focusing on that pocket of fat that just sticks out in the worst way!

This morning I couldn't bear to be sad one more minute so I turned my focus onto Aruba. 53 Days until my sexy ass is on a plane. I will work my ass off before then and be a beach goddess! I am watching the Biggest Loser as I type this blog and I still think I would slap the shit out of Julian this week and tell her how horrible her butt looks in those gray yoga pants!

Peace out!

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Steelers Wine Girl said...

Yay Rah Rah! You are so incredibly amazing. Glad that the boy turned out useful and GO YOU for turning something negative into a work-out marathon!