Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Transition has happened!

Beers: 0 but 2 glasses of wine
Cigarettes: 0

Wow! It has finally hit me that the transition has taken place and I am now the workout Goddess that I wanted to be when I started this blog. This past weekend I reunited with my girls from Louisburg that I hadn't seen in over 10 years....some longer and needless to say we consumed some beverages. Saturday morning my eyes popped wide awake at 6am and after waking Beth up I decided I was going to workout so everyone else could sleep. I felt great on the treadmill and I kept questioning what was going on....am I still drunk or am I really enjoying this workout? Could've been a mixture of both but I am going with that it felt really good to sweat and get some of the toxins out. I don't think it hurt that the treadmills had tv's built into them. I could workout all day if that were the case at my gym!

Starting last week I found myself pushing harder and harder on my workouts and that hasn't been the case for a few months. I would do what I needed to do but taking the incline up or the speed wasn't something I did. I am to the point where I am excited about the amount of sweat coming out of my body....again....what in the world is going on....the transition!

I went home on Sunday for a baby shower and my parents were so excited about the change they could see. My friend, Frequent Flyer, came over last night and she said at dinner..."how much have you lost because you look great." She is someone who is very petite but always keeps it real about maintaining her single digit size. She talked about SparkPeople and it was then that I realized even when I do become that runway model I will still have to work at maintaining. Talking to her really solidified that this is my new lifestyle and not just something I am doing for the moment.

I just hope I can maintain this fire for working out and being healthy. I am so excited for Shirley T's class tomorrow and reuniting with WildOne. I just booked my ticket to Aruba so that will definitely have me fired up on the treadmill tomorrow morning since it is REAL........46 days my skinny ass will be in Aruba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock On!!!!!!


michelle said...

I was thinking about you while I was on the treadmill yesterday. You rock girl!

clp said...

rock it out, homeskillet!!!! you go!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

You totally rock!! I can't wait to see you sometime (hopefully) soon and see how amazing you look!