Sunday, February 1, 2009

Girls' Weekend and Super Bowl Thoughts

Wow! I have lots of emotions flowing thru me right now. I am suffering post party depression and I am thinking that I am content being home watching the Super Bowl by myself and not drinking beer or partying. Mainly, because all I did this weekend was drink and snack on things that weren't the best choices. For the most part I did great and made good choices but all of the drinking has caught up with me. I am actually ready to sweat tomorrow morning and be healthy again. I just feel swollen and ugh and I don't like that feeling. The awesome news is I did get out there and make it to the gym. I did a course on the treadmill and then I had some pool time where I realized that I want a pool in my back yard so I can do exercises all the time in the water. Totally didn't feel like a workout being in a pool.

I am glad I hadn't said I was going to any superbowl parties because after Girls' Weekend and eating a chip or pretzel here or there has knocked me out of wack. I can't get over how food totally controls how you feel.

After all that I hope some of you are eating chicken wings and weenies. I know my girls in CLT are having some weenies for me as we speak!

Here is a fun thing though...on Friday shopping I bought a dress that was very snug on my curves and I decided I will wear it in I've got 69 days and I've already marked my calendar on what exercises I will do each day in Feb.

Peace Out!


Steelers Wine Girl said...

Excellent goal. And maybe if you keep getting skinnier clothes, there will be room for me in your suitcase. Please?

ztateach said...

Proud of ya!! I can't wait to see picture of you in that hot red dress!! Ow-ow!!!