Thursday, January 29, 2009

Britney isn't the only one in a Circus

Cravings: 2 or 3 for beer

Holla Hookers! I know it has been a while but this budget situation in my state is stressing me out and making me work some crazy hours.....I would like to add no fast food has been consumed. Enough about that because I have some really good news to share....Ready?

1. The trip with Coco is booked and I will be heading to Aruba for a week. I have 72 days to work my sexy body into even better shape. (Can you tell I am practicing positive thinking?) I have found out that the resort does have water aerobics every day at 11am. Don't ask me about all the awesome restaurants Coco and I have found and why do I already have my entrees picked out?

2. I had weigh in yesterday and I am down 9.8 pounds and 7.5 inches so I am pretty excited. Nice and consistent. Very excited and looking forward to Feb. 28th to see more results. I have switched trainers and there is no more Gigi. I couldn't deal with her. I can't come up with a knickname for Melissa because she is a 4th grade teacher (and a member of VEA) and this is her second job. She is soooooo stressed and worried about losing her job that I can't say anything mean about her.

3. I am finally getting a nice tax return. After years of paying I have to mention this fact. It will be spent immediately on furniture the minute it is in my account. I am coming up on a year of being a homeowner so I have got to get busy finishing the back part of the house before my peeps arrive on March 27th!

4. Girls weekend is this weekend. Remember in my list of vain incentives on weight loss this was the first one. I will let you know if any of the girls notice. At this point I don't care if they do because I feel better already!

Ok enough of the celebrations!

Don't read this if you aren't ready for me to trash talk. Last night I was so damn excited to do aerobics with my girl Shirley T. and I walked into find WildOne scrunched in the most unbearable position in a Core class. She was red and looked shriveled up. She wasn't laughing at all. After her class was over she whispered to me that this was no Shirley T. class. WildOne was already broke down. Shirley T. was off and a crack pipe named Carla was going to teach our class. I had dealt with a crack bitch on Saturday who tried to kill me so I was ready. OH HELL NO........I always claim my spot in class and most everybody knows where I stand. This out of date 80's bitch invades my spot. I put a picture up right corner and she is the one in the yellow. It isn't her but her twin! Headband, tights and spandex and she had more hot pink blush on her cheeks than June Cleaver has ever worn in her life. You know June love her a little touch of blush. I simmered down but the minute we started I was scared for my life. She didn't just march.....she looked like she was winding up to pitch a pro baseball game. I couldn't look at WildOne because we would just crack up. We did a grapevine and 80's bitch started jumping and turning all over the place. I can't even describe it. The instructor couldn't even look over at our corner. Remember I am the most uncoordinated person in my classes but this woman was out of control. I hate the step and I was so ready for it to start so she would be limited to space. Oh no......80's bitch was all over my place. I didn't feel like I got a good workout because I was trying to fend for my life. Her arms and legs were everywhere. She left halfway thru step probably to go reapply blush and I could focus on the last of the class. Girls that I will be with this weekend I will reenact this for you....after a few beers! I think I focused too much because it hurts to breathe. At the end of the class WildOne said "I can't wait for the blog on this one". After we caught our breath we stormed the front desk and made sure Shirley T. would be back next week. Why do I think I kept calling her Shirley Q? OOOPS!

Happy Birthday Alligator Molester! Enjoy yourself this weekend and drink lots of Milla Lites for me!


clp said...

good job! great progress! and next time, you give a glare, pick up your step and change locations. location locaion location. it's very important in step class and you need to be able to not get poked in the eye. safety first. and thanks for the bday shoutout. :)

ztateach said...

All very good! I'm proud of my BFFASS!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

You are AWESOME!! Congrats on the lbs and the inches, that is absolutely amazing. I am so proud of you!!!

I was dying laughing at your description of the 80's mama...I can just see the expression on your face as you were watching her and then hear your crazy laughter afterwards! I miss you!!

Robin said...

I refuse to give up my location. I've been there 4 weeks and last night was her first night.