Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun isn't lost and 3 new finds!

Sorry I didn't post last night but Big Girl was tired after her first day back to work and YES I made it to the gym but here is the count from yesterday!
Beers: 0
Cigarettes: 0

I am feeling a lot better about this whole lifestyle change. I am not sure if it is the sleep that I finally got, getting back into a routine with the holidays being over or realizing that a lot of fun people are on the healthy train.

Let's face it...a lot of us are in this position because we are fun people. I have often told people that I don't like to do things unless they're fun. I know a lot of my weight has come from being fun and partying. By this I mean my cherished Milla Lites, dinner parties where you drink, eat and discuss all night long, not caring what I eat while and after partying (wings, cheese fries anything else the Pour House has on their menus) and not exercising because I was partying too much to care or hating life after the party stopped. I think I am going to be able to do this because I am going to associate it with fun....bear with me and hear me out.

Alligator Molestor, BFFASS and I are writing blogs about this and I love to read and everybody knows that I eventually want to write a novel so this is something I enjoy. Newlywed and I talked this morning about sharing new finds with each other and being each others person to talk to about food i.e. new foods, new recipes and disasters. My boss is on the healthy train as well and she always has fun new food things to share. I know you corporate people get sick of hearing about the rockstar boss but it does rock when you have a supportive one. I just wish she would be there at the staff meeting this week with her "look of shame" if you go for dessert.

I've been worried about not being fun or feeling like I am having fun during this lifestyle change. Fun is who I am and probably one of the most important feelings to me so the fact that some of my favorite people are on the healthy train with me makes me excited.

New Finds
1. www.fitday.com I am trying it now because it lets you keep your food journal and what I like is it breaks your food up into a pie chart. i.e. protein, carb, fat....

2. www.dietgirl.org She is from Australia and her book just got released in the US. www.sparkpeople.com loves her and her daily blog is a riot...plus she loves Bon Jovi!

3. www.oprah.com Sign up for the podcasts that she is going to do with Bob Greene next Monday night. They will be talking about recipes and nutrition.

Okay I am off to work on budget crap in my districts...if you know anything about what has happened to education funding in my state you will see why I am thinking weight loss can be fun!!!!


clp said...

you go. and you do whatever it takes to make it work for you. and keep it FUN. the FUN isn't lost. never do anything that you hate. find an exercise that entertains you or makes you feel good. :)

Steelers Wine Girl said...

I agree - losing weight is generally not fun. But go you for working it out to make it fun!