Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 2 of Detox

Beers: 0
Cigarettes: 0

So it is Saturday night and I am at home detoxing playing on IM with the BFFASS while some of the Pink Team is making the circuit at some of our favorite places tonight and I am pretty happy about it. I miss the Pink Team but I am very thankful that they're understanding. Well really it is Wild One, who was supportive tonight. I told her how I really wanted to go out but I am trying so hard to be healthy and if it was next weekend maybe I could go out with being in the middle of the detoxing I volunteered to be the DD and told them to call me when they were ready. I know it is only Day 2 but when you get a picture text message from your fellow alligator molesters in CLT at 3:30pm drinking beer then you really start to crave it. I will be interested to see if I make it to Jan. know big girl love her milla litas! I haven't had a marlboro light since Mimosa time on Thursday but I can tell that I am starting to crave one so there is really no way in Satan's House could I go out tonight!

Instead of being out and about and drinking 1500 calories and smoking tons of cigarettes I am registering for 2 races in the Spring. I think this will also help keep me motivated with being healthy but BFFASS is currently talking about how crazy we can get after the races!

I will have to tell you the bad thing I did today...I cleaned the hell out of my house and I had been upstairs working and ran downstairs to get a glass of water. Well when I opened the freezer I saw a pack of M&M's and immediately tore them open and downed a handful. I am not even concerned about this at all.

Ok I have to go register for the last race! If I am not on here tomorrow you know Satan's House froze over with me staying in all weekend and being DD!


ztateach said...

A pack of M&Ms doesn't even begin to compare to the amount of alcohol you would have had out you're all good!! Anytime you crave a cig, just go to google images and type in redneck with cigarette. After seeing those images, you won't want to me! Lv, BFFASS

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Yay for races! I think we're doing two this spring, too. It's a great motivator.