Monday, January 12, 2009

Change is everywhere!

Beers: 0
Cravings since last blog: 5 or 7 but some of those were foods that I read from Mimi's blog where she listed what she ate this weekend. You know BigGirl loves some Fried Chicken!

Wow!!!!!!! I got excited watching Oprah's best week ever series because she said "This is the year I think America will finally get it" and I think she is right. Everywhere I turn and look people are talking about getting healthy, stopping their addictions and 2 people I absolutely adore told me that they were about ready to quit smoking. One being my side kick at work and the other being basically like my sister in CLT...another alligator molester. I truly feel better already. I am still worried about the first time I drink but another former smoker (and alligator molester) got through it this weekend so hopefully I will be fine.

WildOne and I are going to meet at the gym tonight so I am sure that will be another good blog....another one of the Pink Team thinks she might join the gym with us. She is about as cooridnated as me so for you guys I hope she does join because I am sure there will be some good blogs coming from that train wreck about to happen. Stay tuned for Wed night or Thursday because she is going to join us for aerobics!!!!!! I am rolling right now thinking about this disaster...I need to go look for my insurance card because someone is going to get hurt!

On another note....if you want to go see a good chick flick....go see Bride Wars. Hilarious!!!!! I laughed so hard I worried about the people next to me being upset with me. It is definitely recommended and the last few words about friendship had the Pink Team in tears.

Rock on to kick ass in a school...I should really alert the Principals I've stopped smoking and I am on the edgy side!


clp said...

i LOVE that i'm expecting another post about another fun workout class. blog it out, girl!!! and good to know about the movie! of course it looks adorable, but glad it's funny!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Yay! So glad your friends joined the gym with you! I can't wait for future pots about uncoordinated aerobics classes.