Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aerobic adventures with the WildOne


I am going to save you all the willpower crap and how hard it was during staff meeting but just know it was pretty freaking hard and BigGirl wasn't too happy...especially after being so good and the damn purse wasn't there....oh well....let's be fun!

So WildOne and I were talking the other night and I told her she should come to aerobics with me today. I could get her a pass (which of course I forgot to do yesterday) for a trial visit. I arrived at the gym wondering if she was there and I look up and WildOne is bouncing down the aisle at the gym with her bright smile saying "I LOVE IT"...of course she had already met half the staff, investigated equipment and already signed up for a meeting with a personal trainer.

We waited for G.I. Jane to finish up a thousand crunches so I could do mine for the day and finally she left...I am the worst at waiting for equipment. WildOne was planning our workout schedule and trying to talk to me...couldn't she see I was gasping at air just to get thru my ab work....that's how she rolls...

Ok to set the picture of BigGirl and WildOne in aerobics picture Michelle and Romy 15 years after high school with about 50 to 75 pounds added to them and you've got us......ready to hear about our adventure?

The instructor comes up and glances are way...and smiles and immediately ask if she has beginners....ummmm no I was an extra in Buns of Steel....of course you Evil Puppeter! Luckily half the class was but I really didn't care because I was on the end and in front surrounded by mirrors...and I could see every roll, cellulite campground and it just made me want to work harder. I came to the realization that I am the most uncoordinated person in my state. I've done aerobics before but it has been a few years. My feet and my brain really need to work on their communication style. BigGirl and WildOne started off great and only laughed a few times in the beginning but once we added the step and WildOne started acting like she was at the club on a Saturday night trying to claim a victim I couldn't keep it together. I was suffering from lack of oxygen and WildOne started laughing so we were a hot mess but our teacher told us that if you have a hearty laugh it is good for you and makes you healthy so I guess me and WildOne are two of the healthiest big girls in the world!

We made it thru the whole class and I was so happy to be able to spend time with WildOne because she is one of my favorites. We headed to Ukrop's for a salad since it was lunch time and we figured we were high and our endorphins were going crazy. I was worried that we would be asked to leave since that has happened before with us at your neighborhood bar and grill. WildOne becomes a member on Wednesday....hopefully we will be as dedicated to the gym as we've been dedicated to our Wednesday Happy Hours!!!!!!!

Rock On WildOne!!!!!!!!!!!

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