Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shirley T.

Beers: 0
Cigarettes: 0
Cravings: 2

I think she will be the reason I am successful this time. Last night's aerobic adventures with WildOne were hysterical. I bopped into the gym ready for it and there was WildOne so happy to see me. I don't think we thought of it as a workout. I know I thought of it as play time. Shirley T. remembered us and you know that went right to our heads. If you could see me on the risers you would know that I think of it as my playtime!

The starting music wasn't fun like last time because there were older people there (Please see the blog on Older People in archive posts). She did play our favorite 4 step song and it just makes me feel like I am in the club. I would never break a sweat like that in a club with the menz! You will be happy to know that Coochie was still played.

She made us add the risers and I once again was a disaster. Why did she call me out and say "don't force it darling.....feel it and do what your body wants to do".....WTF? My body would want to be at home on the couch watching the reviews of Michelle's inaugural ball gown. WildOne kept shouting "don't force it". I will force her to Dairy Queen to get me a blizzard!

We got through it with no broken bones but I am sore today. My legs are killing me and they hate me. My stomach muscles hurt and I am not sure if that is from the pilates part or from laughing at WildOne when she went to do a body roll and she looked like an ex stripper about to make her money for the night. I think she really wants to be a belly dancer in her next life.

Too bad WildOne locked her keys in her car and we had to go to never never land to get her extra key. By the time we ate Big Girl was starving!!!! Ok I am off to the gym! Peace Out train riders!


ztateach said...

Good girl for going. I hope that when you said Big Girl was hungry, you were a good big girl!! :) XOXO

Robin said...

yes I was good. we did the salad bar at ukrops!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Yay Rah! Sounds like you had fun...attribute the soreness to the workout so you can look forward to that feeling this week too!