Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold weather and comfort food go hand in hand....I think

Is it just me or do the cravings really kick into gear with the cold weather? Thursday and Friday were very hard for me with cravings. Everybody was talking about how they were going to grab food and bunker down and wait out the cold. When I think of comfort food to bunker down with I think of casseroles covered in cheese and fried onions or creamy rich soups but that isn't going to help BigGirl stay on track. Who says they're going to bunker down with salads and canned tuna? Thank god I had cleaned my cabinets out or else I would've binged big time on shit I didn't need. I had a miny binge with the healthy food I had in the house.

I've been analyzing myself this week to see how I am doing and I found out that my planning has sucked this week in general. It really is the key to being successful and feeling good about the change. I am great planning Monday thru Thursday's lunch but my goal for next week is to work better on planning the whole week. I've also got to start journaling my food and my water. I was talking to Newlywed yesterday about how things were going with me and her and we both were talking about what we need to work on and what was going great. I thought about it for the rest of the drive to work and realized that this is definitely a work in progress. Hopefully, I am creating a lifestyle change instead of being on a diet.

On the positive side though I've noticed that I look at myself different in the mirror. Instead of saying "Holy Hell what have you done to yourself" I am now looking at the mirror and saying "BigGirl I can tell in your face or look at my arms and say the guns are starting to form again". I walk taller and feel soooo much better already. I keep thinking about what I will look like at some of my events that I told you about in an earlier blog.

Here is an observation that I was talking to Alligator Molester #2 about this week who by the way needs a MAJOR shotout for her big decsion to quit smoking and signed up for the Monument 10K this week...You Rock. Men are idiots about this lifestyle change but I will give a shot out to Recruiter because he is rebuilding his body as well and is being very supportive but as most things that I complain about most men...he is an exception. The other night I fell of the wagon because of RedHead and then the other night HookUpMan was sad that I wasn't going to drink beer with him and then he says to me and keep in mind he isn't a smoker "and why did you decide to quit smoking?" Ummmmm this was the same man who told me a couple of months ago he hated me smoking.....but with him wanting to drink beer and be crazy on Thursday he didn't like the new behavior. He sure didn't complain about the new aerobics behavior when I practiced some moves that Shirley T. taught me!

Speaking of Shirley T. I need to get ready for aerobics and then I am hitting the road and getting some loving from June Cleaver. I will be by myself in this aerobics class so maybe I will be able to concentrate but then again not having my friends there to distract me will do nothing about the problem I have with my feet and brain disconnect. June and I have already talked about the menu. She knows I am not eating any processed foods and she is ready for me to arrive!

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Steelers Wine Girl said...

Way to stay strong, friend! I fell off the wagon after my drama this weekend, and then I needed some help to cure my creeper hangover yesterday...but I went to an aerobics class today, so YAY me!