Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to the grind!

Beers: 0
Cigarettes: 0

18 Days of vacation are over and tomorrow starts lots of stuff. Morning routine at the gym, packing lunch and eating breakfast are my big things that I am going to focus on. Lots of friends are gearing up as well so I am not by myself. I will be honest I am actually looking forward to getting into a routine and not having hours to think about the food I should not have at that moment. I do much better in a routine but I will miss hanging with Ella Bella during the day while I am reading, sleeping or watching one of my tv marathons.

I want to share with you. It is amazing and FREE! It sends you emails about health tips, success stories, gives you diet plans, fitness plans but more important it tracks your fitness goals and weight goals. I can't believe it is free because the amount of information, support and tracking tools. Weight Watchers, South Beach and all those other places charge you a monthly fee and is FREE!!!!!!!

Speaking of free....eating healthy sure isn't free or cheap. I threw everything out of my cabinets, frig and hiding places so I needed to replace it today with healthy food. Why is fruit so expensive but a bag of chips is basically FREE!

Ok good luck to everybody who is heading back to work as well tomorrow! Alligator Molester....good luck with the running and tell Deac I love the vest!!


ztateach said...

Good luck today friend! You will be great! Kiss Ella Bella for me. At the gym today, I want you to think of that &#%! Skeletor (which alone should get you moving) and think about how that idiot did it....SO CAN WE! We are WAY better and smart than she! Love you! XOXO

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Healthy food is definitely more expensive. What's up with that?? I can't stand it! But I haven't fallen off of the food wagon yet, thank heavens!