Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow! I can't believe it is here already. I am suffering some severe post party depression right now. This was probably one of my favorite new years in a long time. I was with the Pink Team at a bar that a close friend had rented out. We frequent it quite often and it was just tons of fun. The Pink Team looked amazing. We took extra time on our hair, our outfits, makeup and you could tell. We weren't there 10 minutes before men started coming up to our table telling us how beautiful the 5 of us were. The more one guy talked to us he fell deeper in love. He said he had never met a group like us. We knew we looked awesome and you could tell by the confidence level. So I've decided to really put an effort into my whole presentation. I might have some extra weight but I have the ability to accessorize better than most people!

This is my year to do a lot of things. The main one on my list is to lose this weight and become a lot healthier than I am right now. I have to cut back on the milla lites and the marlboro lites. Right now I think I deserve a medal because I am not going to the Beach House with some of the Pink Team. The Pink Team talked about what our personal goals were going to be this year. Mine was to become healthy all around...

I was a complete alky yesterday and woke up and began drinking mimosas so I am thinking I have no regard for my goal but it was a great night and we weren't ready for the party to be over. I am trying to make it till the 17th before I have alcohol. I've read if you can detox that long it can really jump start the weight I am going to try out the theory!

My BFFASS sent me a link to a fun website I want to share with you. She is gearing up to start her program tomorrow. This is a website that can give you fun workout mixes. I stated in my last blog that music got me through it. It helped me remember some that I needed for the new could I have forgotten sorry Andre!

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Steelers Wine Girl said...

So glad you had a great New Year's with great friends! I need to try that detox thing...can't wait to see how it goes!