Wednesday, January 7, 2009



today was a rough day in the world of big girl. i woke up to a screaming alarm clock and I immediately hit snooze and all I could hear was pouring down rain. I kept hitting snooze but was able to make it out of bed and then made it to the gym. my muscles were a little sore from the workout the other day but I pushed through the pain. my squats are what I do first so I can get the ugly part of the workout done but it turned ugly when the old bitties kept jumping in front of me and getting on the exact machine I was going to move to next. anyway i got thru it and did cardio. if i didn't have an ipod i don't know if i could do it.....thank you santa.

today a group of colleagues got together to talk about change and what we want to see in our association. i was running late and had road rage but when i got there it was all gone away. my colleagues are unique, talented....i could go on for hours but basically you want to open wine bottles and just drink and discuss all the issues. they're the only people who understand my work and stress. i had NO alcohol. HipMom hosted the event and she is quite fun to throw some drinks back with...but I was good. Well we're going through some reorg and rumors started to leak out and my stress level went through the roof. I wanted a cigarette soooooooooo bad on the way home and I didn't have any.....wooohoooooooo!

WildOne and HookupMan texted today about having beers and after hearing the rumors all I wanted to do was go down beers, smoke some cigs and flirt but I am at home in my pj's writing to my trainriders.
Tomorrow is going to be just as rough. My Southwest Boys will be wondering where I am at breaks waiting for them to light me up. Rumors will fly, dinner will be paid for by the employer and drinks will flow. If I make it thru tomorrow without a drink and a cigarette I am going to buy that new purse that I put back last Tuesday.
I am exhausted from working out, rumors, road rage but I think from fighting cravings......stay tuned to see if I will be buying that new purse!

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ztateach said... better get that damned purse. Private Practice and Grey's are on tonight so you can go to the dinner, be good, come home and cuddle on the couch with Ella Bella and watch the shows. Remember the liver of that 28 year old and Grandpa falling out!! Reserve your fun times for when you see 14 days!! WOOHOO!! XOXO BFFASS