Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If that train falls off the track....

Cigarettes: 6 or 7

pick it up pick it up! A little Black Sheep for you on a dreary Tuesday afternoon. Well this train jumped the tracks last night but I am back on track again today. One of my friends called me on the way home last night and this is how the conversation went:

redhead: what are your plans for tonight?
biggirl: oh i am going to the gym to workout but we can cook dinner together around 7 or so.
redhead: i really need to talk right now. i need you.
biggirl: ok i am on my way...where do i meet you?

That is all it took for me to become a train wreck but as I was driving to meet him I thought am I really a train wreck for having a few beers with my friend? It is what we do. I've got to find balance in being healthy and living my life the way I enjoy it. I've thought about how I can kick it up a notch in the gym to work off those few beers I had and I will get it all straight.

I did smoke a few cigarettes last night and I think I am over that for good now. It made my head hurt like crazy this am and it wasn't even worth it!

soooo my train is back on track now.


clp said...

was this redhead mr CR? :)

it's all good!!! you're exactly right. balance. 80/20 is how i like to TRY to do things (i don't all the time, but i like to try to). if you're good 80% of the time, allow yourself some slack 20%! that really comes down to do well 5 days and you can relax a bit 2. it's all good in the hood. pick it up pick it up pick it up!!!!

Robin said...

yes it was mr. CR!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

I think it's good that you fell off the track b/c it showed you that you could get right back on w/o a hiccup. You are awesome!