Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweet Jesus...what a week!

Beers: 0
Cigarettes: 0
Cravings: 0

Sorry I've been MIA but since last week it has been craziness. This budget catastrophe is about to drive me crazy. Late meetings with school boards and associations but the good news is I've been very good with what I am eating. There has been no intake of fast food! Last week I didn't get to the gym as much as I wanted to but I was still good with the food.

The budget isn't the only thing driving my craziness. There is a new guy in the picture that has helped wreck havoc on my schedule but I am not complaining at all. If anything he is good for me turning into a workout queen. He is being healthy as well and has recently lost about 20 pounds....maybe more. Dinners are healthy and knowing he is going to ask me about working out makes me get my butt there. The other night we were talking about goals and it was hard to talk to him about what exactly I wanted to happen to my body because it was basically admitting what I don't like about it. It is a huge plus having him to day dream about on the treadmill...makes the gym time go alot faster. I think I just made myself vomit a little bit.

I know we're suppose to do this for ourselves but wanting too look good for someone special has been a great motivator. I am typing this as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl is on the TODAY show.....oh that is depressing!

Ok I am off today to paint before my new furniture gets here but I wanted to say Hello! I promise to get on a regular schedule!

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Steelers Wine Girl said...

That is awesome about the new guy (we really need to catch up via phone sometime soon!!!) and I don't think it's bad that he's helping to motivate you. Especially b/c the key word is helping, and you know he's not the only motivator.

You are amazing!