Saturday, March 13, 2010

Countdown is on!

I've been quiet because work life is anything but quiet. There isn't really anything earth shattering either to report. I am still soda and coffee free. Monday will be 6 weeks completely free of soda! I do feel like I am in a coma at times and forget the craziest of things. Today I got dressed and ready for a bridal shower and went to punch in the address to the GPS and realized it was at 2pm not 3pm. It was 2:30 at that moment in life. I am not sure to blame that on my withdrawl as Tina and Kieth call it or idiocy?

St. Patrick's Day is coming on Wednesday and I am all about pretending to be Irish and I will be at boot camp doing cardio circuit. I know it is hell impending but I am actually excited to see how far I've come since we started this boot camp.

I could tell significant difference in my body during this past Wednesday night's cardio kickboxing. I thought we would be in the gym boxing and so forth and when Rusty told us to go outside and run I was like WTF. He said "Have you ever seen Rocky? He runs and trains Robin." I didn't say but all I could think is well he also gets in a ring and fights till he is a bloody hot mess and I don't want to do this. I did it and was excited I lived through the class.

Fun note. Last night we had Stretch X and Rusty was in so much pain that it was visible. I know I've wished Rusty pain in previous posts but Rusty is training for his first triathlon. I am not sure why in my sick and twisted mind that this makes me want to push myself but it just proves to me that even he is always pushing himself to better himself. Just because you're fit you can't stop...always go for more. I am starting to ramble so peace out!

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