Friday, March 5, 2010


So tonight at boot camp we had Tina, the nutritionist, come back for follow up and her partner Keith came as well. My mind is still spinning from what I learned and I think I have decided that I need to set up an appointment with her to go over what is happening in my body. Tonight was one of those nights where you think "Thank God for boot camp". I've learned so much and getting it on track takes time.

We talked a lot about the food that we put in our body. Keith said that food either makes energy or blood. That was news to me. I might have learned that in Health but I was shocked tonight. He simplified it by saying look at your plate of food and does it have life? This made sense but it also reaffirmed that I clearly need one on one time with them.

They talked a lot about inflammation and hyper thyroid. I have no clue where I go on that spectrum so I need them for that as well. You can be eating the healthiest food but if your body is outta wack you won't lose weight. You need to eat to balance out and this is why I think I need them in my life!

So they kept saying when people would ask about cutting things out "give it 21 days" and I finally said "it doesn't get better after 21 days" and I told them that I am 34 days with no sodas and I've fully given up the coffee and I basically feel like I am in a coma half the time and I wake up and I realize where I am. Donna said she was going through the same thing. Keith looked shocked and said that basically I am detoxing from neuroexictants and it is like fighting a drug addiction. Tina said she did this as well and finally after 30 days she started to feel better. She said it will take 3 months for my body and mind to realize I can live without it but Keith scared the crap out of me because he said "that I don't want to give into my cravings because it can make me incredibly sick and cause harm to my body". Another reason I think I have to go visit them ASAP.

If this wasn't a buzzkill enough...Keith calls ice cream a bowl of snot because of what it does for your body! Ughghghghghgh!

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